Fortnite Dropper Codes

Fortnite Dropper Codes (December 2023)

Fortnite Dropper is one of many types of maps created and played by the creators of Fortnite maps in Creative mode. This is a popular type of map in Fortnite that allows you to customize to your liking, so the Fortnite developers quickly adapted this trendy game mechanic.

These maps contain themed elements to attract players or unique content that sets them apart from the rest. In the list of Fortnite Dropper Codes below, GamePlayPlan has picked the best maps from the list available, with a heavy focus on maps that were released recently and loved by many players.

Best Fortnite Dropper Codes Maps (December 2023)

Since Fortnite took the gaming world by storm, its developers have found various ways to help players have the best experience. What really intrigues us is the addition of a mode called “Creative Mode” where all the tools and resources are provided so players can make and build anything. they want in there.

You can use this mode to cool down after a tough match because here you are free to do whatever you want and can come back stronger in the real match. There are different types of Dropper maps in this mode, each unique in its own way with different obstacles and different strategies that can be applied.

  • Hopper A Reverse Dropper: 0546-3450-6293
  • The Love & Hate Death Dropper: 5806-0397-0150
  • 1 Block Dropper: 0199-6129-7859
  • Dropper Nightmare: 1756-5808-4861
  • Gardens Dropper Special Quiz: 0941-5376-4247
  • Variety Dropper: 3547-1699-5825
  • Easy 10 Level Dropper: 1080-4017-5978
  • Garden Dropper Halloween: 5905-3494-7075
  • World’s Hardest Dropper: 3892-3873-6427
  • Fortnite Rainbow Dropper: 5818-4876-6080

Hopper – A Reverse Dropper

If you’re looking for a new experience in Fortnite, Use your regular Dropper experience but turn it upside down. Hopper does exactly that, with 10 levels that require you to give your best instead of going down. Hit the launcher and fly to the top by avoiding obstacles and practicing your parkour skills. This is an exciting new twist to your usual dropper experience.

The Love & Hate Death Dropper

This Love & Hate Death Dropper may only have four different maps, but they will blow you away with their intricate maze of hidden obstacles, designs and secrets. This map can hold up to 16 players so you can play with other players or invite your friends to race to the end. Look out for hidden messages as you move and enjoy stunning visuals.

1 Block Dropper

1 Block Dropper is a smaller sized map than some of the other creative maps. Difficulty is medium to hard, and each location is nicely and beautifully themed. This map is quite small so it can only be played by a maximum of 5 players. Try to pass all ten levels until the end.

Dropper Nightmare

Sometimes spooky and scary aren’t all bad. It stimulates your adrenaline and makes for a great time, which is why this Drip Nightmare map is a must-try. It includes 6 different nail biting levels to pass and throw at some zombies to make things more interesting. Run, fall and try to survive to complete all levels and reach the finish line. Are you brave enough to experience this map?

Gardens Dropper

From the creators of the Gardens Dropper Halloween comes a special new type of Dropper that will completely change the game. When falling through pipes and avoiding obstacles, you will need to complete a test. Answer the questions correctly, and you can go further. This offers a combination of parkour with some puzzles for more challenging experience and brain training.

Variety Dropper

This cool and engaging Dropper map was created by the famous mapper 2VOID. The Variety Dropper map consists of ten different levels, each more difficult than the last. It can easily be played by rookies as well as professionals as long as they have a strategic approach.

Dropper doesn’t have to be a theme or style, and that’s why this Variety Dropper is a great one to try. It combines a wide range of themes and different difficulty levels, so no matter what aesthetic or level you want, you can enjoy the experience and try a bit of all of them. With 10 unique tube levels to drop in, you’re sure to have a lot of fun with your friends or playing alone.

Easy 10 Level Dropper

If you’re a beginner to the dropper map experience, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with this Easy 10 Level Dropper, allowing you to hone your skills with simple obstacles and improve before moving on to something a little more difficult. You will still have a lot of fun overcoming these different challenges.

Garden Dropper Halloween

Prepare to overcome some spooky obstacles with scary visuals and loads of thrills. This Halloween themed dropper is fun all year round, especially if you like some darker aesthetic with bright colors. Overcome your fear to hit bottom successfully.

World’s Hardest Dropper

World’s Hardest Dropper is considered the hardest dropper map in Fortnite. With dark spaces and complex obstacles, you can quickly figure this out to be true. Do you have what it takes to make it survive and prove it wrong? You’ll need to use all of your observation and parkour skills to get to the bottom.

Fortnite Rainbow Dropper

In this 10-level dropper map you will go through various colorful and difficult obstacles. But you will need to spend less time getting distracted by the designs and instead try to find the hidden coins in each level. You will need to move through the crevices on the right and find the secret to collect all the coins and successfully complete the challenge.


Above is a list of Fortnite Dropper Codes that GamePlayPlan wants to share with you. That’s what we have for the best Dropper map to date in Fortnite! In the future the developer will release more new map codes, so be sure to check back for updates when new maps are available!

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