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My Sushi Story

My Sushi Story Codes (December 2023)

My Sushi Story is an interesting simulation game about the sushi restaurant business from the publisher LifeSim. In the game, you will own a rich variety of shop decorations, attractive Japanese dishes and a super cute cast of characters whose mission is to bring happiness to everyone.

If you want to grow your restaurant business, you need to have a lot of money, diamonds and some other resources. One of the ways to get more money, diamonds, and energy in the game is that you can use the My Sushi Story codes below. In this article, GamePlayPlan will summarize for you all the latest and active My Sushi Story Codes.

Summary about about My Sushi Story

NameMy Sushi Story
Developer byLife Sim
Game genreSimulation
Compatible withAndroid 6.0 and up, iOS 11.0 or later
Get it onGoogle Play, App Store

List of My Sushi Story Codes (December 2023)

Angry customers? Lazy staff? Restaurant not big enough? Spoiled dishes? Your task in the game is to build your Sushi restaurant to develop into the best 5-star restaurant. The work to do is to decorate the restaurant, build a diverse menu, train chefs and wait staff to meet the needs of customers.

The My Sushi Story codes below will be extremely helpful for you in your quest to build your restaurant. Try to take advantage of this to get more resources in the game.


With My Sushi Story codes you can exchange for coins, diamonds, energy, lucky points, cookies and other exclusive items. These are all valuable rewards and very helpful for growing your business. These rewards can help players get used to the game faster and attract new players to set up their own Sushi restaurant.

What are My Sushi Story Codes?

Code My Sushi Story

My Sushi Story Codes are phrases and characters consisting of many characters combined together. These characters can include letters, numbers, and special characters. These codes have a distinction between lowercase and uppercase letters, so when entering the code you need to enter exactly as the list we have compiled.

Some other names of My Sushi Story Codes are My Sushi Story gift codes, My Sushi Story promotion codes or My Sushi Story redemption codes. All of these codes can be redeemed for rewards in the game’s redemption center.

When it comes to My Sushi Story codes, we usually think of the freebies they offer. Indeed, these My Sushi Story codes will help you get a lot of useful resources for your restaurant development. It can be money, diamonds, energy, lucky points, cookies and other items.

These codes can only be used once, so make sure to only redeem them if you’re ready to get the most out of them. In addition, My Sushi Story Codes will have a certain period of use, so you should enter the code early to take advantage of the rewards that these codes bring.

How to redeem code in My Sushi Story?

My Sushi Story will have a code redemption center right in the game interface. This makes it easy for you to enter the My Sushi Story codes to redeem. Here, we will share with you the steps to redeem the code in My Sushi Story quickly.

Step 1: Open the game “My Sushi Story” and log in to your account.

Step 2: At the main interface of the game, click on Avatar / Avatar of the character in the upper left corner of the screen.

Step 3: Continue to click on the Giftcode item to open the code input window.

Step 4: Then, enter the My Sushi Story code you received from the above list in the blank box and then click the “Redeem” button.

When you use valid codes, the screen will display a message of successful code entry and rewards corresponding to the entered code. So you have completed the giftcode redemption process in the game My Sushi Story.

The rewards of each My Sushi Story Code will be clearly and detailed annotated by us behind the codes. However, about the expiry date of these codes, we do not know, so please quickly log in to the game to redeem the code as soon as you read this article.

How to get more My Sushi Story Codes?

How to get more My Sushi Story Codes

Life Sim developers often publish new gift codes on special occasions such as milestones, festivals, partnerships, and special events. Once published, My Sushi Story Codes will be announced on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit

My Sushi Story Codes will appear during events, or be released by the developer to players on special occasions like holidays or the game hits a new player milestone. You should follow the official Facebook and Discord pages, the developers often post the code here or from leaked sources from many other players. Here you can also find out what new content the game will have.

The best way for you to get the latest My Sushi Story Codes is to follow GamePlayPlan regularly. We will update daily, continuously all My Sushi Story codes in this article as soon as they are published. You can press Ctrl + D on your keyboard or add this website to the bookmarks bar for quick access.

What game is My Sushi Story?

My Sushi Story Gameplay
My Sushi Story Gameplay

My Sushi Story is a restaurant business simulation game that brings happiness to everyone, owning a diverse and rich series of store decorations with an attractive Japanese menu.

Many people will immediately think of the famous game, which is My Hotpot Story. The gameplay of My Sushi Story is exactly the same as that of My Hotpot Story, but the only difference is that this is where you will make sushi, not hotpot.

In this game you will play the role of the owner of a Sushi Shop, research Japanese dishes, and at the same time you have to upgrade your restaurant such as expanding the restaurant, adding tables and chairs, upgrading the kitchen, cashier counter, etc. at the same time hire more staff to serve, create more dishes.

In the game, you can use ingredients to create amazing dishes such as Sushi, Sashimi, Rice Roll, Grilled Skewers, Pulled Noodles, Tempura, Wagyu, Udon Noodles, Soba Noodles, French Goose Liver, Pastries , Grilled Seafood, etc.

Due to the similar gameplay to My Hotpot Story, many players who have built a hotpot restaurant in My Hotpot Story will no longer be unfamiliar with the gameplay of this My Sushi Story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t My Sushi Story Codes be redeemed?

My Sushi Story Codes are released to players by the developers, and they usually have the same shelf life as many other games. And they can’t last forever, they will have a use time of 1 month or less, new code will have a longer time to support new players. In this case, My Sushi Story Codes just has a few codes for you to enter the game. Maybe this code will have a longer time and is intended to attract players.

How long do My Sushi Story Codes last?

Each release code serves the same promotions and targets different audiences. Because the shelf life of the codes is not the same, the shortest can be a few hours or the longest can last many months or forever during the playing time.

How many times can My Sushi Story Codes be used?

My Sushi Story Codes are only redeemed once per account. The term can be very long, but you can only use it once per program or code. This is also the reason why players always have to consider to make the right decision to use the right code at the right time to gain the most advantages for themselves.


Above is the latest and free My Sushi Story Codes summary article. Hope the article will help you know how to enter the code to redeem the gift quickly. Wish you success and can become the richest and most successful player in My Sushi Story.

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