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Ace Defender Tier List (June 2024)

Ace Defender is an idle role-playing game with exciting gameplay mechanics, impressive graphics, and intense PvP battles. The game is suitable for entertainment, and can also practice how to build tactics for each player. The game has a rich and diverse general system, divided by many different factors for you to choose from. However, not all characters have the same power. So GamePlayPlan decided to share with you Ace Defender Tier List guide to help you understand who is the best character in the game.

About Ace Defender

Ace Defender Gameplay
Ace Defender Gameplay

Ace Defender is a unique and exciting tower defense strategy game, rated as a masterpiece of high-quality tactical role-playing. The plot of the game is simple and familiar like every other game of the same genre: the main character and also the player summons a number of heroes, controlling them to build and protect their Sky land.

In this game, you will have to attack your opponents and defend your faction, overcoming strategic battles in the arena. The tower defense gameplay style offers a wide variety of characters to use and has enhanced graphics to show different effects.

You will defend your kingdom with the help of a variety of heroes in a variety of game modes. To win, you have to build your own strategy and time your skills. Fight and win the ultimate SRPG masterpiece, you can spice up the gameplay using your wits

Tactical combat is not as exciting as when the game modes are only automatic. You will prepare a squad to fight another team or monster team that the system arranges. You will only be the one to watch and evaluate whether your selection of the squad and creating a strategy is reasonable or not.

Ace Defender Tier List (June 2024)

Ace Defender Tier List Best Heroes
Ace Defender Tier List Best Heroes

Welcome to the Ace Defender Tier List guide! Never think that all characters in Ace Defender have the same strength. Because each character will have different stats, gameplay, and they can be suitable for many different tactics. The important thing is what strategy you will build the squad and choose which characters to add to that squad.

Therefore, you need to understand every character in the game from skill, utility, rarity,… That’s why we wanted to share this guide with you. Through this guide, you will know who is the best character in Ace Defender. The following tier list is based on our gaming experience and can serve as a useful guide in a variety of situations.

In this guide, we’ve looked at each character’s strength, rarity, and versatility to rank them from high to low. Because each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, we’ll break down the characters and rank them from tier S (best) to tier D (worst). This way you will find your best companions. In there:

  • Tier S+: are the best heroes of the game and these are the OP’s strongest heroes. Tier S+ heroes are characters that you must have or should own. If you own a tier S+ character, don’t hesitate to prioritize upgrading them if you can.
  • Tier S: Tier S heroes are also considered good heroes and can be substituted for Tier S+ heroes if you have a hard time getting them. although not so OP, they can do great in most stages and game types including PVP. Tier S characters are a bit more common than tier S+ characters, so you can get them in a variety of ways.
  • Tier A: tier A characters can be easily found in the game. Although not the best characters, they will be very useful for you for the starting stage.
  • Tier B: The strength of tier B characters is only average. These characters are viable for some stages of the game but it will take a lot of resources and effort to make them strong.
  • Tier C: these are the characters with the lowest rank. These characters are only suitable for the early stages of the game and are useful for some special occasions in the game.
S+Nordil, Titnasum, Isoria, Margeria
SAlipida, Angelia, Fengling, Neptyr, Regel, Serenir, Zhanyan, Karmel, Lavigne, Alia, Sabnack, Sitri
AEnid, Garrod, Nora, Panka, Theo, Vallkyrie, Zoltan, Bathorian, Dunkas, Valdis, Malfa, Baldur
BSelia, Hovede, Rex, Mr. Chainsaw, Solzana, Andrew, Arthur, Gilg, Irasad, Kahnye, Kus, Northlid, Oritok, Reshis, Lilith, Thaurissan
CAllen, Kroot, Lipez, Logan, Tia

Note: This is an Ace Defender Tier List made by us based on our limited knowledge of the game and some testing done on all characters. The leaderboard looks at a character’s overall performance, abilities, and usefulness in different situations. We recommend only referencing from this tier list to build your squad and it may or may not suit your strategy.

Ace Defender Tier List Tier S+

  • Nordil
  • Titnasum
  • Isoria
  • Margeria

Ace Defender Tier List Tier S

  • Alipida
  • Angelia
  • Fengling
  • Neptyr
  • Regel
  • Serenir
  • Zhanyan
  • Karmel
  • Lavigne
  • Alia
  • Sabnack
  • Sitri

Ace Defender Tier List Tier A

  • Enid
  • Garrod
  • Nora
  • Panka
  • Theo
  • Valkyrie
  • Zoltan
  • Bathorian
  • Dunkas
  • Valdis
  • Malfa
  • Baldur

Ace Defender Tier List Tier B

  • Selia
  • Hovede
  • Rex
  • Mr. Chainsaw
  • Solzana
  • Andrew
  • Arthur
  • Gilg
  • Irasad
  • Kahnye
  • Kus
  • Northlid
  • Oritok
  • Reshis
  • Lilith
  • Thaurissan

Ace Defender Tier List Tier C

  • Allen
  • Kroot
  • Lipez
  • Logan
  • Tia

Guide to play Ace Defender

Complete daily quests

Just like other Gacha games like Shinigami Soul Fighters, League of Angels Pact, you will have a lot of daily quests to do in Ace Defender. The mission of the game is divided into two main types: story missions and external missions.

Story missions: are missions to plow the plot, also to unlock to the next stages. You need to go through the story to open the stage you are looking for, and obtain items and achievements.

External mission: is the main mission of the game. These are quests to fight monsters, find materials to receive items to upgrade heroes and weapons, as well as money and gems that can be exchanged for items.

If you want to make the most of resources to upgrade your hero and advance quickly, you should spend some time completing daily tasks.

Join the alliance

You should join the Ace Defender alliance as soon as possible. In addition to unlocking some exciting features and perks, you also get to meet and make friends with more players. You can then add to your friends list to get some nice friendship points which can also help you throughout the game as you continue to progress.

Upgrade equipment

Equipment of the game includes five types: shoes, weapons, armor, jewelry, tools. The equipment in the game is initially collected as shards, enough 50 shards will make one equipment. In addition, equipment can also be obtained through quests, purchased on the black market or obtained when completing achievements. You can also upgrade your equipment.

Defeat the monster

Monsters are another way to replenish your team. It will appear behind your team, directly affecting your parameters. You can collect monster seeds through quests and achievements. In addition, you can also upgrade the power of your monster.


Above are all the instructions about Ace Defender Tier List that we want to share with you. You can take advantage of this information to find the best angels to accompany you to explore the world of Ace Defender. Don’t forget to follow us regularly for the latest Tier List updates. Because in the future, the developer will update more new heroes.

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