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Destroy monsters, and collect items, and weapons are what you will experience in This is an attractive adventure game with a survival theme developed by the famous game publisher Habby. With this game, you will definitely get moments of great entertainment and relaxation.


As an attractive adventure game, will give you moments of exciting experience with the feeling of tension, suspense, and joy when winning. This is a game that will help you have the ultimate fighting and survival experience. This battle will not be balanced at all when you are alone and the monsters have thousands, tens of thousands of them.

Fierce Zombies are flocking to your beloved city. The city is slowly being destroyed by hordes of obnoxious zombies and soon this place will become desolate and ruined. You are originally a person born from experiments, so you will possess special combat abilities. There is no other choice for you and stand up and fight to help the city escape the domination of monsters.

In Survivor io, you will experience the thrill of being alone against the constant attacks of zombies and the joy of successfully surviving each of their attacks. This game offers you a wide variety of items, weapons, and skill sets that can help you win.

Desolate and adventurous scene

The context that takes place in is about a modern city with a strong development of advanced technology. However, a sudden attack by an army of alien monsters broke the peace of the city. They came and destroyed all the buildings, killing the inhabitants of the city.

The main character is a human born from science fiction experiments. So he possessed a great power and had to carry a huge responsibility on his shoulders. It’s about being a hero and saving the world from invading monsters. As a warrior with limitless potential, you must take up arms and fight these evil zombies!

Survivor io requires you to be very focused, alert, and fast. Zombies can appear from any direction and you must always be ready to fight. You must use all the weapons & skills at your disposal to take them down. The fast-paced and intense gameplay can leave you feeling taken by surprise.

Unique survival gameplay

The gameplay of is very simple you just need to control your character to move around the map and use weapons to fight monsters. Players must control their character skillfully to both fight and attack the enemy while having to dodge their attacks.

Each zombie destroyed will drop experience particles or support items. You have to move and collect those experience particles to level up and upgrade weapons or boosters. For example, magnets to attract distant experience particles, boomerangs flying around, automatic explosions that attack monsters, or magnetic fields flying around.

Basically, the gameplay will be as simple as that, but when playing it will be very difficult because you will not imagine the continuous attacks of monsters. Moreover, they will become more and more numerous, stronger and faster moving. The number of enemies is overwhelming you and any mistake can cause you to be destroyed.

New and interesting way to play

To win in Survivor io, you have to do a lot of things from tactics, fighting skills, weapons, and movements. The way to move is extremely important because skillful movement will avoid the attacks of the enemy, and avoid the situation of being surrounded by hundreds, thousands of monsters.

Tactics are extremely important in this game, you have to think carefully about what kind of weapon you will fight and choose which complementary items to combine to form the most invincible power. You need to be strategic in your approach and use every resource if you want to be the last survivor. offers a lot of different weapons for you to choose from. You can take advantage of that to your advantage in this battle for survival. The advice for you is to focus on upgrading a weapon to the highest level to promote its power and then think about the next weapons.

Diverse Weapons offers you a lot of different weapons from melee to ranged. A gun with long-range and strong attack power, bombs with great destructive power, darts, flying knives, or special biological weapons. The game will allow you to combine those weapons into powerful weapon combos.

Some of the weapons you can try include katana, Gatling, and kunai. Katana is a sword with a very sharp blade. It can easily take down zombies. The Gatling is a machine gun with a high rate of fire. On the other hand, Kunai is a type of dagger that can be used to stab zombies.

For example, you can combine rocket guns with darts to shoot farther, stronger attack power. One way or another, combining multiple weapons together will also help you increase your odds of winning in the game.

Unlock many skills

In addition to the variety of weapons, skills are also the highlight of Each skill type has certain uses to help increase your win rate. So think and choose carefully before starting the battle to increase your advantage.

You can also combine these skills with all you want to give you a lot of different choices. You will never get bored with all the different possibilities. Some of the special skills you can choose from include:

  • Forcefield device: This creates a protective layer around you that deflects enemy attacks. All shock waves from enemy attacks will be attenuated, giving you a better chance of survival.
  • Petroleum bonds: This is a unique skill that increases your chances of getting gold (+8). You can use this gold to buy new weapons and skills.
  • Guardian: This is a skill that summons 2 guardians that revolve around you, making you immune to enemy attacks. This way, you can be sure that you won’t be taken down easily.

Fierce zombies are attacking the whole city! The city is in danger! As someone who has been awakened from the test of dreams, you have no choice but to take on the role of hero to save the city!

As a human warrior with limitless potential, you and the other survivors will have to take up arms and fight these hordes of sinister zombies! The number of enemies is overwhelming you – any mistake can send you into the pan of fire! Face the danger and find a way to survive!

Features in

A very special feature in is the “Lucky Train” mode that makes this game even more interesting. Because games of chance will often stimulate the excitement of players, with this mode, you can test your luck to receive attractive rewards.

Every time you complete a level, you will get a free spin of the wheel of fortune. With this minigame, you can get a lot of valuable items, and new and rare weapons to use in your battle. If you want to try your luck, you have to use gold to continue spinning.

However, gold coins and diamonds will be very difficult to find. So download the version to get a lot of money, and diamonds and unleash the wheel of fortune. Investing in opening gifts and receiving high-value items will be a risky decision. However, what you get, and how valuable it will be depends entirely on your luck.

Although the graphics in Survivor io are only 2D, it does not reduce its attractiveness. The developer has tried to create many outstanding features to create more experiences for players. You will feel like you are really in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. The sounds and music are also perfect for setting the mood. You will be hooked by this game and can spend hours playing it.

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