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[NEW] Guardian Tales Codes (April 2024)

Guardian Tales is a puzzle adventure game with chibi graphics published by developer Kakao Games Corp. The game is about the world of Kanterbury, where players will begin their challenging adventure. As a newly released game that is extremely attractive, the game manufacturer has an additional gift code to redeem rewards with many attractive gifts. In this article, Gameplayplan has compiled all the working Guardian Tales Codes and don’t forget to follow us, because we will update the latest gift codes as soon as they are available.

Information about Guardian Tales

guardian tales gameplay
guardian tales gameplay

During the journey in the game’s fantasy world, players will meet and interact with many diverse characters, each of whom has their own story and influences the direction of the game. The decisions the player makes can profoundly change the entire relationship with the characters and the development of the plot.

Besides, the game often has periodic updates, expanding with many side quests, new details and information about the world of Guardian Tales. This opens up opportunities for players to learn more about the details and characters in the game, bringing different levels of emotions in the colorful world of Guardian Tales.

The plot of Guardian Tales

The Guardian Tales game revolves around the journey of the Guardian Knight, a new member joining the Guard, the royal guard of the Kingdom of Kanterbury. After completing their initial training as a Guardian, the Guardian Knight faces a group of enemies known as the “Invaders” – those with ambitions of world domination.

Led by Guardian Captain Eva, the Guardian Knight and his companions fight off a fierce attack at the castle’s front gate. However, a giant fireball hit them, causing the Knight to be thrown away. Luckily, they are rescued by a mysterious stranger.

With the palace’s front gate destroyed, the invaders have entered the Kingdom’s capital, and the Guardian Knight is fighting to rescue his friends, reuniting with Captain Eva. After a tense confrontation with the Minotaur, they are victorious and return to the Palace.

However, the situation worsens when the main villain, the Dark Magician, appears to attack Queen Camilla. During their hasty escape, Captain Eva and Queen Camilla were attacked, and the Knight and Little Princess fell on the outskirts of Kanterbury forest. From here, the Knight and Princess must begin a new adventure, trying to escape and find a way to save the Kingdom of Kanterbury from the threat of the Invader.

How to play Guardian Tales

how to play guardian tales
how to play guardian tales

The missions in Guardian Tales are extremely diverse, each mission is an important part of the adventure, each piece of the puzzle will help players clarify the origin and panorama of the chaos in Kanterbury.

During their journey, players will have to go through intense battles as well as interesting puzzles. This combination not only helps reduce pressure, but also creates a more relaxing and fun experience for players.

Players will have to concentrate when alternately participating in combat and puzzle levels. Puzzles are often lightly entertaining, providing moments of relaxation after stressful matches. When facing the boss at the end of each level, players will need to be ready to overcome all obstacles and end the game.

To win in Guardian Tales, it is extremely important to strengthen your character and collect many different types of weapons. With more than 100 types of weapons and more than 50 cute chibi hero characters, players need to constantly upgrade and renovate to be able to face increasingly difficult challenges with each level, requiring thinking. and specific tactics from players.

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List of Guardian Tales Codes Working (April 2024)

Guardian Tales Gift Code
Guardian Tales Gift Code

In addition, one of the quick and effective ways to help players have more resources to upgrade characters and weapons is to enter Guardian Tales Codes in the game’s reward center. There are many valuable rewards in each gift code waiting for players.

The game developer Kakao Games often releases new Guardian Tales Codes on special game events such as game launches, game birthdays, new player codes,… Therefore, players can receive Get lots of new gift codes to exchange for many valuable in-game rewards such as Gems, Stamina, Hero Crystals, Gold,…

To save you from wasting a lot of time searching for Guardian Tales Codes, Gameplayplan has compiled all the active codes in this list. With these codes, upgrading your characters and weapons will become simpler than ever. Below is the list of Guardian Tales Codes of (April 2024) that we have compiled:

200 Gems
1000 Gems
300 Gems
5 princess’ edict
20 Dream Evo. Stone
10 Stamina
50 Stamina
10 Hero Crystal
20 Dream Evo. Stone
500 Gems
200 Stamina
220.000 Gold
200 Stamina
10 Hero Crystal
500 Gem

Note: Code Guardian Tales 2024 may expire quickly due to regulations from the publisher. So, if you discover an expired code, please comment below so Gameplayplan can update the new code. To enter codes into the game and redeem rewards, you should only select new or expired codes.

What are Guardian Tales Codes?

What are Guardian Tales Codes
What are Guardian Tales Codes

In Guardian Tales, codes are special strings you can redeem to acquire in-game rewards like gems, stamina, equipment, and other valuable resources. These codes are released by the developers occasionally through various channels, like social media, official announcements, or special events.

Here’s what you need to know about Guardian Tales codes. Types of Codes:

  • Promotional Codes: These codes are usually valid for a limited time and are often released to celebrate special occasions or collaborations.
  • Event Codes: These codes are typically tied to specific in-game events and provide rewards related to that event.
  • Compensation Codes: These codes might be released if the developers encounter issues or bugs that affect players, offering them compensation as an apology.

Important Points:

  • Codes are case-sensitive: Pay attention to uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Codes can expire: Check the validity period before trying to redeem them.
  • Codes are usually one-time use: You can’t redeem the same code twice.
  • Be cautious of third-party sources: Stick to official channels to avoid invalid or harmful codes.

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How to redeem codes in Guardian Tales?

When you get the game code, you need to know how to enter the code to redeem rewards as soon as possible. Here are detailed instructions on how to enter the latest Guardian Tales code quickly and accurately on Android and iOS:

For Android operating system

Step 1: Open the Guardian Tales game then click the “Settings” icon in the right corner of the screen.

How to redeem codes in Guardian Tales
How to redeem codes in Guardian Tales

Step 2: Click on the “Account Settings” tab and select “Enter Coupon Code”.

How to redeem codes in Guardian Tales
How to redeem codes in Guardian Tales

Step 3: Enter the valid Guardian Tales code from the table above into the “Coupon Code” box and press the “Confirm” button to confirm.

How to redeem codes in Guardian Tales
How to redeem codes in Guardian Tales

Step 4: After confirming the code, you will receive the corresponding reward if the code is valid and valid. On the contrary, if the code is expired or incorrect, the game will notify you.

For iOS operating system

Step 1: Visit the game’s official reward website here (

Step 2: Select your region then enter your Player ID (User Number).

Step 3: Enter the valid game code in the “Coupon Code” box and press the “Submit” button to finish. You just need to open the game on your phone to check whether the bonus has been awarded or not (if the code is valid).

How to redeem codes in Guardian Tales
How to redeem codes in Guardian Tales

How to get new Guardian Tales Codes?

How to get new Guardian Tales Codes
How to get new Guardian Tales Codes

Publisher Kakao Games regularly publishes free gift codes that you can use to get some free rewards. It will help make your journey smoother and easier from the start. Typically, these gift codes will be provided through Guardian Tales’ social networking sites on platforms such as Twitter, Discord, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Guardian Tales Twitter:
  • Guardian Tales Facebook:
  • Guardian Tales Discord:

The best way for you to get new Guardian Tales Codes the fastest is to follow Gameplayplan and visit this article regularly. Because we will update the list of Guardian Tales Codes in this article every time new codes are released. In addition, you can also receive more codes for other hot games currently on Gameplayplan.

Remember: Using codes is a great way to increase your progress and resources in Guardian Tales. Keep an eye out for new codes and enjoy additional bonuses!

Note when redeeming Guardian Tales code

When entering code into the Guardian Tales, if the game informs you that the code is invalid, you may have made one of the following errors:

  • Entering the wrong code: Game codes are often quite lengthy and include many different characters (including lowercase letters, uppercase letters and special symbols). Therefore, if the code is invalid, you should check the code again to see if the spelling is correct. The best way to avoid entering the wrong code is to copy the code from the table above and paste it directly into the “Coupon code” box.
  • Enter expired code: You should pay attention to the code status before entering the code into the game. Only active codes will give you free rewards after activating the code.
  • Enter code multiple times: Each Guardian Tales 2023 code is only valid once for a single game account. If you want to receive more rewards, you can enter many different codes (as long as all codes are valid).
  • Input wrong ID: In case of entering code on the web (for iOS), you need to check if the User ID is correct or not. If the ID is wrong, the game cannot recognize the player’s account, so the code will not be valid.


So you’ve got all the active Guardian Tales Codes for (April 2024), plus our guide on how to redeem codes and how to get more Guardian Tales Codes. In general, with these Codes, you can redeem many rewards to advance quickly in the game. Remember to use these codes as soon as possible before they expire.

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