Among Gods RPG Adventure Tier List

Among Gods RPG Adventure Tier List (December 2023)

In Among Gods RPG Adventure there are more than 100 different heroes and each of them has their own unique strength and fighting ability. So choosing the best heroes to fight against evil is not easy. Let GamePlayPlan introduce you one by one with the corresponding rank in Among Gods RPG Adventure Tier List so you can choose the best squad.

Among Gods RPG Adventure Tier List for (December 2023)

When playing Among Gods RPG Adventure, you will become the guardian of this Spirit world. The God of Darkness has made every effort to rise up in this world, and it’s up to you to save this land. Battles will take place alongside heroes from many factions, and it’s imperative to train your units to be the strongest warriors. It is the only way for the player to defeat the darkness.

In this guide, we rank all the heroes in Among Gods RPG Adventure from a height of tier S to B. That way you can read it and avoid unprofitable high powered heroes. for your squad. In addition, if you want to get the latest Among Gods RPG Adventure Codes, CD Key, you can refer to our article.

This Among Gods RPG Adventure Tier List helps you make informed choices among the heroes present in the game. So, go through the following information and find the powerful heroes. This list of grades is divided into SS, S, A and B categories. In which:

  • SS tier: are the best heroes and hold the game’s superpowers. However, SS level heroes are very rare and hard to get.
  • S-rank: these heroes can also be considered good units and can be found in the previous summons. S-rank heroes have a lower rarity than SS-ranked heroes.
  • Level A: A-rank units can be easily found in the game, but these are not heroes that you can use long-term to fight stronger enemies later on.
  • Level B: these are the heroes with the lowest rank. These heroes are only suitable for the early stages of the game and are useful for some special occasions in the game.
Overpowered (SS) Joan of Arc,
Strong (S) Mata Hari,
Knight Bayard,
Robin Hood,
Chevalier d’Eon,
Wang Zhaojun,
Darius the Great,
Mary I,
Maeda Keiji,
Miyamoto Musashi,
Abe no Seimei,
Shizuka Gozen,
Guy Fawkes,
Gilles de Rais,
Hattori Hanzo,
Xiang Yu,
Cu Chulainn,
Oda Nobunaga,
Cleopatra VII
Good (A) La Hire,
Julia Vipsania Agrippina,
Nasu no Yoichi,
Queen Akinny,
Duke William,
Mori Yoshinari,
Morgan le Fay,
Fair (B) Jupiter Friest,
French Archer,
Knight Templar,
Orleans Archer,
Mikawa Bowman,
Mars Friest,
Totomi Bowman,
Knight of Garter

best hero from each class For Among Gods RPG Adventure

Each hero in Among Gods RPG Adventure has different skills and powers. That makes them unique and completely different from other heroes. So you have to know which hero will be the best fit for each of your stages in this journey. The heroes are hereby classified into five categories based on their abilities and strength. These are the best players in each category so you don’t get confused when building your army.

Justice Class: Mata Hari

best hero from each class For Among Gods RPG Adventure

The heroes belonging to the Justice class are people who have experienced some events in their lives in the past before becoming gods. Currently, they are devoting their lives to humanity or their people. Mata Hari is the strongest champion in this Justice class. She is a world-class spy and attracts opponents with her beauty.

Mata Hari’s skill attack is “Lethal Kiss”. This is one of the deadliest attacks in the game. Enemies hit by this attack will take a large amount of damage and even die from this attack. If the opponent dies from “Lethal Kiss” it will heal Mata Hari for 30% of health over 10 seconds.

Neutral Class: Darius the Great

best hero from each class For Among Gods RPG Adventure

Heroes of the Neutral class are all great warriors. Among them, the best is actually Darius the Great. He devoted himself to his empire and fought to save his people. This character has great courage and talent in his field which he uses to protect his empire.

“Rule with Majesty” is the strongest move Darius uses in the game. When casting this skill, enemies will be surrounded by a gravity field, then they will be pushed towards Darius. This effect causes a large earthquake and thus the enemy will accumulate huge damage.

Evil Class: Nostradamus

best hero from each class For Among Gods RPG Adventure

Heroes of the Evil class will use their evil powers to develop themselves on the battlefield. Nostradamus was a plague victim with great knowledge of medicine. He has a great warrior inside, making him the best hero of the Evil class.

Nostradamus’ strongest skill is called “Spiritual Fog”. This is really a skill that gives Nostradamus the best advantage. During this attack, he creates a poisonous mist that deals heavy damage to opponents and slows their attack speed. Allies within the area of effect gain 30% increased attack speed and thus they can easily take down opponents.

Saint Class: Joan of Arc

best hero from each class For Among Gods RPG Adventure

The heroes of the Saint class were all gods who fought hard for humanity. Joan of Arc is the best character in this hero class thanks to her immense divine power. She has two views of herself, one is that her divine form has the power of the God of Light and the other is that her two souls are together but sometimes apart.

Joan of Arc’s strongest attack is “Exaltation of Light”. When deploying this skill, she is immune to all damage for 5 seconds. The damage taken is then converted to Joan of Arc’s healing over time.

Corrupt Class: Harald

best hero from each class For Among Gods RPG Adventure

The corrupt hero class is filled with heroes who don’t think twice before executing their opponents. Harald was one of them and the strongest in this class. Harald was never afraid to face death because in the past, Harald had experienced a lot of pain and death on the battlefield.

“Endless Torture” was Harald’s strongest move in the fight. It makes Harald invulnerable for 6 seconds. This move also creates a shield and helps Harald recover 50% of his health. Harald can defeat opponents 3 meters away from him, and they deal damage that reduces health by up to 72%.

About Among Gods RPG Adventure

Among Gods RPG Adventure is an adventure role-playing game taking place in a fantasy world published by developer Century Games Publishing on both Google Play and App Store platforms. When participating in Among Gods RPG Adventure, you will be transported to a large world with lots of Monsters, Heroes and Gods.

Darkness and evil are enveloping the world, tempting countless heroes with its evil. This land is on the verge of destruction. To save the land, you fight alongside hundreds of legendary heroes from different hero classes. Train your own gods to be your ultimate warriors and conquer the darkness to become the legendary legion.

Story-driven game where you have to play the role of heroes and fight against evil for a peaceful world. To progress in the game, you must complete quests and then recruit more heroes according to the Among Gods RPG Adventure Tier List.


Guide the tier list of Among Gods and always make sure to use SS and S tier units here as they are the best tier that can give you the best performance. Just refer to this guide and see which units and understand what kind of hero you want to best represent in the game. What do you think about this Among Gods RPG Adventure Tier List? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below!

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