Brown Dust 2 Tier List

Brown Dust 2

Brown Dust 2 Tier List (May 2024)

Brown Dust 2 is a recently released adventure role-playing game that has also received a lot of attention from players. Not only because of the attractive storyline and beautiful graphics, Brown Dust 2 also has a diverse and rich character list for you to unlock and upgrade. Therefore, choosing the right character for the squad is an important issue that many players are interested in. With this Brown Dust 2 Tier List, GamePlayPlan will help you know which is the best character to make the correct choice for the squad.

Brown Dust 2 Tier List (May 2024)

Brown Dust 2 Tier List
Brown Dust 2 Tier List

What sets Brown Dust 2 apart is the inclusion of skins, which not only change the appearance of the characters but also bring changes to their skills, stats, and playstyle. This adds an extra layer of depth and customizability to the gaming experience, making the gameplay more immersive and dynamic.

You can get characters and outfits in Brown Dust 2 very easily. But for rare characters or costumes it can be quite challenging. The main method of getting these important additions to your list is through the gacha system, where you use premium currency to do the pull and try your luck.

This Brown Dust 2 Tier List will help you understand the game’s summoning system, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the characters. This list will help you make the right choice to optimize resources and utilize power efficiently. We meticulously evaluated each character based on their performance, versatility, and overall value in different game modes.

Brown Dust 2 Tier List – Ranking

In this Brown Dust 2 Tier List, we will classify heroes into 4 tiers including tier S, tier A, tier B, tier C. In which:

  • Tier S – these are undoubtedly the best, and all the players should give their whole attention to start the gameplay with these heroes since they are literally the best.
  • Tier A – we have a good-ranking hero here, and they will be close to the S-tier strengths. Although they don’t have the exact powers as the S tier, they will also make it to the top by having some superpowers to continue the gameplay.
  • Tier B – here, we are going to have decent heroes. It means that they have some middle-level strengths, and they are either not good or bad. For some situations, these heroes will be doing the best for you, but please note that they don’t have much value to the gameplay.
  • Tier C – the least skilled heroes will be ranked here, and they are not recommended for any player. Generally, it is wise to avoid these heroes because they don’t have much capacity to handle the gameplay from a superior level.
TierBrown Dust 2 Characters
SAlec, Andrew, Arines, Justia, Kry, Samay
AAnastasia, Gray, Helena, Lecliss, Lisianne, Olstein, Sylvia
Anastasia, Beatrice, Celia, Eclipse, Elise, Emma, Ingrid, Jayden, Lathel, Layla, Liatris, Lucrezia, Rafina, Rubia, Scheherazade, Wiggle
CCarlson, Eleaneer, Emma, Julie, Lydia, Maria, Rigenette, Rou, Seir, Synthia, Teresse
Brown Dust 2 Tier List

The best characters in Brown Dust 2

The S-rank characters in Brown Dust 2 are true heroes who can shoulder the team alone with minimal support or assistance. Therefore, your squad should have one or two of these heroes if you want to excel in the game.

We encourage you to try summoning for one or two of these tier S heroes with free unlimited 10x summons. If you are a new player, these heroes can help you get off to a good start. These characters possess extraordinary abilities and powers that can dominate the battlefield, making them invaluable assets to any team. Let’s dive into the details of these heroes!


Alec Brown Dust 2
Alec Brown Dust 2

According to many players, Alec is the best and best character in the game. He is like a peerless hero with tremendous fire elemental damage. If you’re looking to do a reroll, Alec is a 5 star hero that you should add to your goal. Having Alec (Terminator) and his Predator weapon is the best combination you could hope for.


If you want a hero with great attack ability, then Samay is the perfect choice for that position. Samay is a Shadow elemental character that can untangle enemies and reduce their magic resistance when attacking twice per turn. Combine those two abilities and you have a deadly combination that can kill enemies in one turn.


Justia Brown Dust 2
Justia Brown Dust 2

Justia is an absolute powerhouse at S-rank. With her ability to deal tremendous damage, Justia has an extremely high carrying capacity. Her signature skin is called “White Death”, which gives Justia a massive boost in her physical damage.

Justia not only has great attack ability but her skills can also lightly buff damage and increase her aoe damage. Acquiring Justia, especially with the white Death skin, is a priority for players who want an impressive start in Brown Dust 2.


Arines Brown Dust 2
Arines Brown Dust 2

Despite being a 3-star character, Arines is still classified as a Brown Dust 2 Tier List – Tier S. Don’t underestimate Arines’ potential in enhancing your party’s overall performance, even among characters. stronger in S rank.

Arines are a worthwhile addition to any team and can be easily obtained through 10x summoning alongside higher tier characters like Justia or Alec. Arines is very versatile, she does a great job at supporting her allies by buffing a large amount of their attack and critical stats. With these buffs, you can change the game in a short time.


Andrew Brown Dust 2
Andrew Brown Dust 2

With his versatility, Andrew becomes an important figure in any squad. Andrew’s skill allows him to deal significant damage while also restoring HP to the entire team. This unique combination makes Andrew a self-sustaining, punishing damage dealer while keeping himself at his peak.

In addition, Andrew’s skills also have a special mechanism that reduces the enemy’s SP, hindering their ability to move. With Andrew’s offensive and defensive abilities, he becomes a great choice for players looking for an all-round character to bolster their team’s performance.

Summoning System in Brown Dust 2

The key to your success in Brown Dust 2 is to create a strong squad with strong and formidable characters. Just like many other gacha RPGs, you can get new characters using the summon shop. This feature will unlock after you complete the beginner tutorial. With the summoning feature, you can start your journey with a solid foundation.

When you unlock the summoning feature, you’re granted unlimited 10x summons, allowing you to roll back until you get the desired character combination. This gives you a great chance to start the game with at least two top level characters.

Later on, you will have to spend more time upgrading, farming and grinding. This is not only to upgrade the characters, but also to accumulate resources to use for later summons. With each summon, you have the opportunity to unlock stronger characters and discover different outfits to upgrade your experience and strategy.

The gacha system in Brown Dust 2 offers rotating banners that give you different odds for getting specific characters and outfits. The default banner, known as the “Integrated Draw,” is always available and has the following odds:

  • 5-star gear or costumes: 5% chance
  • 4-star gear or costumes: 22% chance
  • 3-star gear or costumes: 73% chance

While this banner is accessible, it may not be the most effective method of farming specific characters since the summoning party is shared with gear items.


You are now equipped with the necessary knowledge about Brown Dust 2 Tier List. Next, take the risk and build your ultimate team in Brown Dust 2. Wishing you the best with Brown Dust 2 and summoning tier S heroes to create exciting battles.

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