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Captor Clash Tier List (December 2023)

As a Captor Clash player, you must know for sure that this game will make you go through a lot of battles and precise skills are needed to be used otherwise you cannot make the best of your gameplay. yourself as you want. In addition, knowing the strength of the heroes in the game will help you assemble a strong squad. You will find the best selection in Captor Clash Tier List in this article.

Captain Clash Tier List (December 2023)

For any strategy RPG, the hardest thing is always choosing and building the ideal squad to be able to overcome all the different battles. In Captor Clash too, you also have to form an ideal team that can take on any difficult situations and fierce battles that you participate in. That’s why, GamePlayPlan have compiled the Captor Clash Tier List to share with you.

Although in Captor Clash you only have 3 minutes to fight, that doesn’t mean you can get through it easily, because every moment of this game is very stressful and it makes you go through a lot of challenges as well as more difficult stages.

This Captor Clash Tier List is for all players even for those who are old or just starting out Captor Clash to know which hero to choose for your team and we will also tell you the steps to reroll Captor Clash as this is the method to earn them for your gameplay.

Captor Clash Tier List – Ranking

Although there are currently only 17 champions in Captor Clash, we still have to evaluate them through several rankings because not all of them are the same. And here, we’ve ranked them across 4 ranks that define each of their power levels as follows:

  • Tier S – the strongest, as well as strong, is surrounded by these heroes, and they are clearly the ones you should keep an eye on. They have the best abilities as well as the best skills with top strength and we can recommend all players to go with them as they are the real key to victory.
  • Tier A – we also have some strong heroes here and they are performing very well compared to other heroes in the game. Although they don’t hold as much power as S-tier, they also become the best choice for players.
  • Tier B – we have some above average heroes here and they are also doing very well in competitions with others.
  • Tier C – when it comes to tier C, we can see that the skills of these heroes are seriously degraded and they are not capable of defeating many people.
AJenny The Destroyer
Beo Blade
BCrow Blazeword
CSelene Willow
Blast Robin

Captor Clash Reroll Steps

And now let’s learn about the steps we have to follow in the Captor Clash re-roll, as that is the method to earn our heroes. If you want to unlock the best characters in the Captor Clash level list, you will have to earn a special currency from the game that will be used to spend on your heroes. But this must be earned by passing matches or you can try to buy them from this game’s store.

We recommend drawing S-level characters to get off to a solid start. They are the best characters in the game and greatly increase your win rate. If you can’t summon any S-rank characters, log out of the game and then clear the game’s data to repeat the re-entering process.

To unlock characters in Captor Clash, you need to spend special currency that can be earned by winning matches or purchased from the in-game store. By spending money you will quickly earn your heroes and if you were to ask us which hero to choose as our first pick, then you should note that it is always for S rank. No one can compare. comparable in the level of power they wield, and they are the ones who will always hold you steady.


That’s all GamePlayPlan gives you from this Captor Clash Tier List guide and we hope you have a chance to get the best score by refering to this guide. Tier S and Tier A heroes need to be on your top list in battles, and you’ll know why if you check out this guide.

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