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Digital Girls Idle RPG Tier List (June 2024)

Digital Girls Idle RPG is a tactical role-playing game with idle gameplay and beautiful anime characters from developer MG Game. In this game you will collect heroes called monsters that can evolve from level to level until they become Goddesses. Therefore, you must choose powerful heroes for your team. This Digital Girls Idle RPG Tier List guide will help you get to know the best characters in the game to build the strongest squad.

About Digital Girls Idle RPG

Digital Girls: Idle RPG is an anime style role-playing game with incredibly beautiful characters. The player’s task is to collect cards to upgrade those characters, from level to level until they become Goddesses. In this game, you need to complete each chapter in the Joint Venture of 6 heroes of your team.

To complete each level more easily, high combat strength is required, by using and upgrading the heroes in the team. One of the easiest ways is to level up with Hero EXP and Gold. Then, when each hero reaches level 30, there is a useful change (Tier Up) to increase Infancy and unlock the hero’s newest skill, which requires resources in the form of Stone.

Besides, you can also do Star Up, but it requires a copy of the hero and several heroes of the same rank and element. This is quite difficult because of course, gamers have to use gacha to get the heroes. Then to unlock equipment the player needs to reach level 60. To upgrade your heroes you need a lot of materials and resources, so dungeons are provided for this.

You can move to the Suburb section first, then choose the hero cultivation material, with 5 different types of options. First, there’s Gold, EXP, Demon, Hero and Empower Dungeon. Each dungeon has a difficulty level and rewards when the difficulty level is unlocked according to the character’s CP.

Digital Girls Idle RPG Tier List (June 2024)

Digital Girls Idle RPG Tier List
Digital Girls Idle RPG Tier List

Welcome to our Digital Girls Idle RPG Tier List guide! This guide contains all the information about the game characters to help you figure out which is the best character in the game. As a gacha game, Digital Girls Idle RPG requires you to spend a lot of time playing and progressing.

The most important thing that determines success is how you will build your squad. In this gacha game, you will be able to recruit more powerful new heroes through the summoning system. The addition of new characters can give players a significant advantage and make progress much smoother.

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Then you can build a squad with many different characters. They all have different strengths, skills, and abilities. Therefore, you need to know clearly who is the strong character in the game. That’s why this list is important to you. Information from this guide will help you make the right choices when building your ideal squad.

We have ranked all characters from high to low through various evaluation criteria. Because each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, we’ll break down the characters and rank them from tier S+ (best) to tier C (worst). This way you will find your best companions. In there:

  • Tier S+: are the best characters of the game and these are the strongest OP characters. Tier S+ characters are characters that you must have or should own. If you own a tier S+ character, don’t hesitate to prioritize upgrading them if you can.
  • Tier S: Tier S characters are also considered good characters and can be substituted for Tier S+ characters if you have a hard time getting them. although not so OP, they can do great in most stages and game types including PVP.
  • Tier A: tier A characters can be easily found in the game. Although not the best characters, they will be very useful for you for the starting stage.
  • Tier B: The strength of tier B characters is only average. These characters are viable for some stages of the game but it will take a lot of resources and effort to make them strong.
  • Tier C: these are the characters with the lowest rank. These characters are only suitable for the early stages of the game and are useful for some special occasions in the game.

Note: This Digital Girls Idle RPG Tier List was made by us based on our limited knowledge of the game and some testing done on all characters. This ranking will look at a character’s overall performance, abilities, and usefulness in different situations. We recommend only referencing this tier list to build your squad and it may or may not suit your strategy.

Digital Girls Idle RPG Tier List – Wind

CharactersEarly GameMid Game

Digital Girls Idle RPG Tier List – Water

CharactersEarly GameMid Game

Digital Girls Idle RPG Tier ListFire

CharactersEarly GameMid Game

Digital Girls Idle RPG Tier ListEarth

CharactersEarly GameMid Game

Best Meta Characters in Digital Girls Idle RPG Tier List

Tank – Martialita & Aleister

Best Character in Digital Girls
Best Character in Digital Girls

Tanks act as shields or take damage from enemy attacks and make sure your allies are safe behind them. First, we want to refer to Martialita from the fire element because of her essential abilities on a team, namely that she will provide shields to teammates and can reduce damage received through her skills.

The second is Aleister of the fire element, with the ability to protect his teammates, who have the highest attack power, so the main dealer in your squad will be protected from enemy attacks.

DPS – Mirage, Snowolf, & Whitenight

Best Character in Digital Girls
Best Character in Digital Girls

DPS Heroes in Digital Girls are heroes that can deal massive amounts of damage over long periods of battle. They act as a hero whose biggest damage in the team will be given to the enemy through his skills.

The first is Mirage from the element Wind. This character plays a very important role in the late game, when the enemy is dying, this hero can use skills that can attack the enemy with the least HP and is also very suitable as a hero with high damage.

Second is Snowolf from the water element, he is one of the best Aoe heroes, as it can hit all his enemies and has a chance to Freeze enemies. The third is Whitenight, he can deal AoE damage as well as DPS in one skill and can ignore 20% of the enemy’s DEF. In addition, the single-target skill also provides critical hits, ie dealing more damage than normal damage.

Support – Priest

Best Character in Digital Girls
Best Character in Digital Girls

Support are heroes whose role is to create buffs for teammates, debug enemies, heal, and support teammates from behind. In this Support class, the Priest from the light element is the best character because of his unique ability, which is the ability to revive dead allied units, but if no one dies, he can restore HP to his teammates. He can then also give or restore HP to the three allies with the least HP, which is very useful in the late game.


Above are all tutorials about Digital Girls Idle RPG Tier List that we want to share with you. You can use this information to find the best characters to accompany you to explore the world of Digital Girls Idle RPG. Don’t forget to follow us regularly for the latest Tier List updates. Because in the future, the developer will update more new characters.

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