Dragon Arise Codes

Dragon Arise Codes (May 2024)

Dragon Arise is a brand new fantasy-style dragon-collecting RPG from developer Ocean Games. This is an extremely interesting and attractive game where you will control your dragons to participate in the fight against the invasion of the dark forces.

To support players to become the strongest Savior with a comprehensive Dragon collection, the publisher has regularly donated Dragon Arise Codes to exchange valuable items. This article, GamePlayPlan will show you how to enter the code and list the latest Dragon Arise codes, giving you many resources to upgrade and progress faster in the game.

Summary about about Dragon Arise

NameDragon Arise
Developer byOcean Games
Game genreRole Playing
Compatible withAndroid 5.0 and up, iOS 10.0 or later
Get it onGoogle Play, App Store

List of Dragon Arise Codes (May 2024)

Collect a variety of dragons in this exciting fantasy RPG! Fight the invasion of cursed dragons and engage in explosive PvE combat. There’s even an action-packed PvP mode where you can test your skills against other players!

The main factor to create your success in Dragon Arise is the dragons. They have a lot of different types and to upgrade their power, you can use the Dragon Arise codes in the list below and exchange them for many valuable rewards.

  • FBDRAGON – 20 Dragon Eggs, 20K Gold and 20 Pieces
  • TW999 – 20 Dragon Eggs, 20K Gold and 20 Pieces
  • DH888
  • DH2022
  • DH4399
  • STONE04
  • EGG0409
  • STONE03
  • HUNTER0401
  • STONE02
  • STONE01
  • Hunter0308

With the Dragon Arise codes we’ve compiled in the list above, you can exchange them for gold, diamonds, energy, and other exclusive in-game items. These are all extremely important resources in the game and useful for your journey to build a mighty dragon army.

But you need to note one thing, that all these codes will have a certain expiry date. So, if you don’t want to miss the chance to get many useful rewards, you should enter them as soon as possible in the game’s redemption center. Ideally, you should visit this article regularly to receive Dragon Arise Codes as soon as possible.

What are Dragon Arise Codes?

Dragon Arise Gift Codes
Dragon Arise Gift Codes

If you are a long-time gamer, you will certainly not be unfamiliar with the concept of codes anymore. However, if you are a new player, you may not be able to understand the concept of codes and gift codes. Basically, Dragon Arise Codes are free gifts provided by developers and publishers to all players.

They often appear as interesting phrases and strings of characters that you can redeem in the game. What you get for doing so may also vary. Usually it’s the in-game currency, but sometimes you can get characters, items, boosters, etc.

New Dragon Arise Codes are released regularly, but the frequency of release may vary. Developers often release new code on special occasions, such as holidays or new content releases. They can also be given as prizes in contests or giveaways.

Dragon Arise Codes will have a distinction between uppercase and lowercase letters. So when redeeming them in the redemption center, you need to enter them exactly as they appear in the list of Dragon Arise Codes we shared above. If you enter a wrong character, you will not be able to redeem the reward.

In addition to the term Dragon Arise Codes, one can also call it Dragon Arise Gift Code, Dragon Arise Promo Code or Dragon Arise redemption code. These codes are usually released by developers on social networks or through special events.

How to redeem code in Dragon Arise?

Dragon Arise has an in-game code change center, so entering the code is easy and fast. To redeem the code in Dragon Arise, please follow the steps that I share as follows:

Step 1: Open “Dragon Arise” on the device and click on the three dashes icon in the lower left corner of the interface.

How to redeem code in Dragon Arise
How to redeem code in Dragon Arise

Step 2: Click “Settings” in the pop-up window.

Step 3: Continue to select the “Gift Code” section.

How to redeem code in Dragon Arise
How to redeem code in Dragon Arise

Step 4: Enter correctly or copy the code provided above into the box “Enter your gift code”, press the Redeem button to confirm using the code and receive the reward immediately in the game.

How to redeem code in Dragon Arise
How to redeem code in Dragon Arise

You have successfully redeemed the code in Dragon Arise and your reward will be sent directly to your account. All Dragon Arise Codes have a certain expiry date, so you should enter the code quickly to avoid it becoming invalid and each player can only use the redemption code once.

How to get more Dragon Arise Codes?

How to get more Dragon Arise Codes
How to get more Dragon Arise Codes

The developers of Dragon Arise often release new gift codes on their social media to promote the game or show appreciation to its players. These codes are all free and extremely useful for player character development. These codes are usually issued to you during events or when the game hits milestones.

The developers of Dragon Arise regularly release new Dragon Arise gift codes on their social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord and Reddit. You can follow these channels to get the latest news, new Dragon Arise codes or chat with other players.

There is also another way for you to get more Dragon Arise Codes that is by following content creators and YouTubers who create content related to Dragon Arise. In these channels, they often organize in-game rewards such as gift codes and many other exclusive in-game items. However, the gift codes in these channels will be very limited or limited in number of redemptions.

The best way to collect the latest Dragon Arise gift codes is to visit this page regularly. Because we will update continuously, daily this list of Dragon Arise Codes wiki as soon as they are available to you, so you won’t miss any rewards.

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Frequently asked questions

How long is the Dragon Arise gift code valid for?

The validity period of Dragon Arise gift codes is subject to change. Some codes may only be valid for a short period of time, while others may be valid for a longer period of time. It’s best to redeem your gift codes as soon as possible to make sure they’re still valid.

Why is my Dragon Arise Code not working?

There are two reasons why the Dragon Arise code doesn’t work. The first reason you may have misspelled it, because the Dragon Arise codes have a case-sensitive distinction. Please double check that you entered it correctly and try changing it again. The second reason is that the code has expired so it can’t be used anymore.

What is the Dragon Arise gift code?

Dragon Arise gift codes are special codes that can be exchanged for in-game items, such as gold, gems, energy, and experience points. These codes are usually published by publishers and announced on social media channels or the game’s website.


Dragon Arise Codes, Gift Codes are a great way for you to get free in-game items and boost your progress in Dragon Arise. Above is all the information and instructions about Dragon Arise Codes that GamePlayPlan wants to share with you. Remember to check back often for newly released codes. If you have any questions regarding Dragon Arise Codes, please leave a comment below. We will help you answer as soon as possible.

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