Dragon Ball Hyper Blood Codes

Dragon Ball Hyper Blood Codes (February 2024)

Dragon Ball Hyper Blood is the famous adventure game from ListherZ on the Roblox platform. The game is inspired by the popular anime and manga series Dragon Ball Z with familiar characters. Your mission in the game is to defeat bosses, open chests, defeat enemies to gain experience and train to increase strength and unlock transformations!

GamePlayPlan’s list of Roblox Dragon Ball Hyper Blood Codes has all the fighting spirit you need to regain your sanity for another round. Let’s discover what exciting rewards these codes will bring you!

Summary about about Dragon Ball Hyper Blood

NameDragon Ball Hyper Blood
Developer byListherZ
Game genreAdventure
Compatible withAndroid 5.0 and up, iOS 10.0 or later
Get it onRoblox

List of Dragon Ball Hyper Blood Codes (February 2024)

Transform your inner Super Saiyan as you battle your way through bosses and billions as you power up while learning flashy moves like Kamehameha or Spirit Bomb and the transformations you all have know and love in the game.

On the journey to upgrade yourself to become stronger, you will encounter many difficulties and challenges. With these Dragon Ball Hyper Blood Codes below, you’ll instantly have millions of powerups and a few other in-game rewards:

  • N3WB00S—Redeem for 10 Million Stats (New)
  • METALIZER120K—Redeem for a Zenkai
  • FIXTH3G4M3—Redeem for a Zenkai
  • BEASTMODE—Redeem for 12 million power
  • TIMMY—Redeem for 3 million of all Stats
  • N3WB00S—Redeem for 10 million of all Stats
  • 42KLIK3Z—Redeem for a Zenkai
  • COOLDOWN—Redeem for 6 million of each stat
  • MINIM4P—Redeem for 3 million of each stat
  • WHONDERWORLD—Redeem for 6 Million of each stat
  • FR33CODE—Redeem for 6 million of each stat

You can boost all your stats, earn zenkai and even exclusive things, like SSJ Ice, by redeeming the Dragon Ball Hyper Blood code we give you. In addition, GamePlayPlan will update new Dragon Ball Hyper Blood Codes, adding to this list as soon as they are published. For that, you should follow us by pressing CTRL + D on your keyboard or using the Add to Bookmarks button on mobile so you don’t miss any new codes.

What are Dragon Ball Hyper Blood Codes?

Dragon Ball Hyper Blood Codes

Dragon Ball Hyper Blood Codes are alphanumeric sequences that are arranged together to form gift codes that you can redeem for free and exclusive in-game rewards. These codes will have a distinction between uppercase and lowercase letters, so when entering the code, you should pay attention to enter exactly according to the list that we have compiled above.

Dragon Ball Hyper Blood Codes is released for free by the developer ListherZ to pay tribute to longtime players and help new players to increase their strength quickly. Dragon Ball Hyper Blood Codes will provide a lot of rewards like increasing all stats, earning zenkai and also exclusive things, like SSJ Ice.

These will have a certain shelf life specified by the developer from the moment they are released. However, we will not be able to know when they will expire. So, as soon as you receive these codes, you should enter the game and use them as soon as possible.

Before posting these codes, we had to test it working or not. If you find an expired code, please let us know the exact code in the comments below so we can remove it!

If you want more codes of other Roblox titles, you can check out our other code list and get free rewards, Marble Mania, Demon Blade Tycoon, Dragon Soul, Sword Slasher.

How to redeem code in Dragon Ball Hyper Blood?

How to redeem code in Dragon Ball Hyper Blood

Dragon Ball Hyper Blood has a redemption center right in the game’s interface, so you won’t need to visit an external redemption site. How to change the code in Dragon Ball Hyper Blood is not difficult to do, if you are not sure how to change the code, you can refer to the following instructions.

Step 1: Open the game “Dragon Ball Hyper Blood” on your device.

Step 2: Find the “new code” button that appears at the bottom left of the main menu screen and click it to open it.

Step 3: A new window will appear, click on the blue text box and enter a Dragon Ball Hyper Blood code from our list above.

Step 4: Press the “Confirm” button to complete receiving your reward.

If after entering the game, a message that the redemption failed, please check the spelling to make sure the code is entered correctly or capitalized correctly. In case it still doesn’t work, it probably means that the code you are trying is no longer valid.

How to get more Dragon Ball Hyper Blood codes?

Developer ListherZ often publishes new Dragon Ball Hyper Blood Codes on special occasions such as milestones, festivals, partnerships and special events and milestones. Once published, Dragon Ball Hyper Blood Codes will be announced on social networking sites or publisher’s website.

You can also check the game developer’s website or follow them on social media to stay up to date with new code releases. Also, some YouTubers or Twitch streamers may offer giveaways or promo codes, so you should check them out as well. You can find developer @listherssjDev on twitter and on youtube (Listherssj), but you won’t find much code in either channel.

Therefore, the best way for you to get more new Dragon Ball Hyper Blood Codes quickly is to follow GamePlayPlan.com: GamePlayPlan is a website specializing in aggregating and providing codes, gift codes and promotional codes of many Current hot game on Android, iOS and Roblox platforms. You can follow this website to get the latest codes, because we always update new codes daily.

Information about Dragon Ball Hyper Blood?

Dragon Ball Hyper Blood Gameplay

Dragon Ball Hyper Blood is an action role-playing game where you fight against DBZ enemies you recognize, such as Frieza, Cell, and Jiren. This game allows you to create your own custom characters and take part in various adventures, battles, and quests in a world inspired by the Dragon Ball universe.

To level up in the game, you must earn experience fighting various enemies by punching, kicking, charging ki, and combining multiple attacks together. Winning a battle will reward you with a chest with EXP inside!

You can participate in battles with other players or AI enemies, train to improve your character’s abilities, explore the open world, and collect various items and powers. The game features many characters from the Dragon Ball series, including Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and many more.

You can also upgrade your character’s abilities and power levels by collecting various items and training with NPCs. In addition, Dragon Ball Hyper Blood has various events and tournaments where players can compete against each other for rewards.

As you power up, you’ll be able to unlock new moves and transformations like Super Saiyan Blue (SSJB) or even fan-fold moves like SSJ! Level up and fight even stronger enemies! Become the strongest warrior in the universe!


Through this article, GamePlayPlan hopes you will increase your power quickly in Dragon Ball Hyper Blood with our Dragon Ball Hyper Blood codes and tutorials. Please regularly visit GamePlayPlan to not miss the opportunity to receive rewards and useful items of Dragon Ball Hyper Blood.

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