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Era of Althea Codes (June 2024)

Era of Althea is a fascinating Roblox adventure game for those who love to discover new things. This game from Visual_Studio takes you to a world where everyone has the potential to be a great warrior. Your goal is to explore the whole land, fight to become the strongest in the world.

You can use Yul, the main in-game currency, to buy swords, armor, and spins. You can get Yul by defeating monsters that appear everywhere around town. In addition, you can also use Era of Althea Codes to get many Yuls and many other items. In this article, GamePlayPlan will summarize for you all the latest Era of Althea Codes June and show you how to enter the code quickly and simply.

Summary About Era of Althea

NameEra of Althea
Developer byVisual_Studio
Game genreAdventure
Compatible withAndroid 5.0 and up, iOS 10.0 or later
Get it onRoblox

List of Era of Althea Codes (June 2024)

If you are the type of Roblox player who craves adventure and world exploration then Era of Althea is a perfect game for you. It takes you into an explorable world that challenges you to become an adept warrior. This is not an easy adventure so you will need all the help you can get.

Fortunately, publisher Visual_Studio has published many Era of Althea Codes to give you some freebies. You won’t need to search for the new Era of Althea Codes anywhere anymore because the list below will contain all the codes in the latest, working Era of Althea.

  • THANKYOUALOT—Redeem for 100 Spins (New)
  • YULFIXSORRY—Redeem for 100k Yul
  • NEWMAPRELEASE—Redeem for 145 Spins
  • SORRYFORISSUES—Redeem for 30 Spins
  • NEWUNIVERSALSNAP—Redeem for 50 Spins
  • BEENALONGTIMEHUH?—Redeem for 100 Spins
  • SORRY4SHUTDOWN—Redeem for 30 Spins
  • NEWMAGIC—Redeem for 54 Spins
  • NEWEYECODELESGO—Redeem for eye color reroll
  • DYEMYHAIRCOLOR—Redeem for hair color reroll
  • PLAYEVENTSBUDDY—Redeem for 20 Spins
  • HERESYULSORRY—Redeem for 5k Yul
  • NEWLEVELCAP!—Redeem for 30 Spins
  • IHATEMYHAIRCOLOR—Redeem for hair color reroll
  • NEWBOSSUPDATE—Redeem for Spins
  • 2XDROPSEVENTON—Redeem for Spins
  • RANDOMBUGFIXES2—Redeem for 35 Spins
  • FREEHAIRDYE—Redeem for a hair color reroll
  • IHATEMYEYES—Redeem for an eye color reroll
  • BUGFIXGOCRAZY—Redeem for 50 Spins
  • NEWMAPUPDATEXD—Redeem for 45 spins

With the Era of Althea Codes in the list above, you can redeem a multitude of gifts including free spins, yul, hair color changer, eye color changer, and more. Note that all these codes have a certain expiry date. Make sure you enter them as soon as possible or you don’t want to miss out on these rewards.

In the near future, there will be many new events taking place in the Era of Althea and the newly published Era of Althea Codes. Along with that, many new rewards have been added. Make sure, you come back often for new code whenever the developer decides it’s time for something new!

What are the Era of Althea Codes?

Roblox Era of Elthea Codes

If you are a fan of Roblox games, you will no longer be unfamiliar with terms like code, gift code, promo code. These codes are a combination of alphanumeric characters and special characters provided by the game developer. You can redeem these codes for various in-game rewards such as currency, items, or boosters.

Era of Althea Codes is one of the gift codes that players are most interested in at the moment. It contains great rewards that the publisher wants to give to the players. They want to give you the best experience, so that you can advance faster to catch up with stronger people.

About the rewards that Era of Althea codes bring, we will detail the details after each code. As for the expiry date, we will never know when these codes will expire. So, after receiving these codes, you should log into the game and exchange it for free rewards in Era of Althea.

The Era of Althea codes have a distinction between uppercase and lowercase letters. This means that you need to enter them exactly as they appear in the Era of Althea list. If you enter a wrong character, you will not be able to redeem the reward.

How to redeem code in Era of Althea?

How to redeem codes in Era of Elthea
How to redeem codes in Era of Elthea

A good thing for Era of Althea lovers is that this game has a code redemption system right in the game’s interface. Therefore, you will not need to visit any external website to redeem the Era of Althea code. Here are the instructions for entering the code in Era of Althea:

Step 1: Open Roblox Era Of Althea on your PC or mobile device.

Step 2: Press M on your keyboard after the game starts to open the menu.

Step 3: Press the Settings gear button in the middle of the options.

Step 4: Enter your code in the text box of the new window.

Step 5: Click “Redeem Code” to claim your reward.

If the Era Of Althea code is still active, after pressing the “Redeem” button, you will receive a reward corresponding to the value of the code. If after pressing “Change” the screen shows an error message that the change failed, there can be two reasons.

The first reason you may have misspelled it, because Era Of Althea codes have a distinction between uppercase and lowercase letters. Please double check that you entered it correctly and try changing it again. The second reason could be that the code doesn’t work, if you encounter this problem, let us know in the comments so we can check and remove it.

How to get more Era of Althea codes?

How to get more Era of Elthea Codes
How to get more Era of Elthea Codes

For Roblox games, the frequency with which new codes are released can vary, and Era of Althea is no exception. This depends on the game publisher’s regulations. Some developers release code regularly, while others may do so on special occasions or events like festivals, special events, game birthdays, partnerships.

As for the new Era of Althea codes once published, they will be announced on the developer’s official media channels including social media channels and the website. You should follow these official social media channels or join the game’s community to stay up to date with the latest code releases.

If you want to find more new Era of Althea Codes, you can join the game’s Discord server at so you can receive new notifications or chat with other players as well. playing Era of Althea.

The best way for you to get the latest Era of Althea Codes is to follow GamePlayPlan regularly. We will update the Era of Althea Codes wiki list as soon as they are available to you. Therefore, you can press Ctrl + D on your PC keyboard to save to the bookmarks bar on your browser for quick access.


Through this article, GamePlayPlan has provided you with information about Era Of Althea Codes as well as instructions on how to enter codes quickly. Quickly enter the code so you don’t regret missing out on this useful bonus! Do not forget to follow us to be able to update the latest information and receive new Era Of Althea codes.

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