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Fate Of The Empress

Fate Of The Empress Tier List (April 2024)

Fate Of The Empress is an attractive role-playing game with beautiful graphics and cute cartoon characters. Currently in Fate Of The Empress there are more than 30 different characters with beautiful shapes. Each character will hold a different power and unique gameplay. So you need to understand the strength of each character to make the best choice. The information in this guide to Fate Of The Empress Tier List will help you make the best decisions.

About Fate Of The Empress

Information Fate Of The Empress
Information Fate Of The Empress

The setting of Fate Of The Empress is inspired by ancient China, Fate of the Empress is a turn-based role-playing game that faithfully recreates a magnificent city. Get ready for palace intrigue, beautiful 3D graphics, and a love story told through beautifully animated cutscenes and expansive, intricate gameplay.

The gameplay of Mansion has now been completely upgraded, with a brand new luxury setting both outside and inside. Craft stylish furniture and decorate the room in a very free way. It’s time to build your dream home!

New game! Raise your heirs and heirs from birth to adulthood with your love! What’s more fun than parent-child outfits? Invite your friends to witness the upgrade of the relationship between you and your lover. Be prepared to receive a large number of the sweetest wishes.

Explore the magical world with your soul mate. Polish your relationship with love and experience. Summon and recruit historical heroes to protect what you hold dear and those you love. Upgrade your squad to conquer the throne and become a one-of-a-kind queen through quests and stories.

Fate Of The Empress Tier List – Ranking

Fate Of The Empress Tier List
Fate Of The Empress Tier List

If you want to win all battles, you must build a strong squad and have a balance between attack and defense. An ideal squad will consist of powerful heroes and have the right balance of attack, defense, and support to sustain and overwhelm your opponents in a fight.

In Fate Of The Empress, there are more than 35 different characters with beautiful shapes and special powers. With the gacha summoning system, you will have a chance to get new heroes to add to your squad. Then use resources such as to upgrade characters, weapons.

Each character will have different strengths, fighting styles and playstyles, they can be suitable for certain battles. Therefore, you need to know the strength of each character and their fighting ability to make the most accurate choice.

The characters in the game have different powers according to their rarity. Just like Idle Goddess Impact of Fate, in Fate Of The Empress it is a fact that fully upgraded 5-star characters are always better than fully upgraded 4-star characters, so if you are looking for Investing and upgrading, you should choose the characters with the highest rarity in the game as well as being relatively accessible.

Before learning about the characters in Idle Goddess Impact of Fate, you should follow the list of ranks below. In this list, we will rank characters from high to low through various evaluation criteria. This means that your characters will be put into a ranking system that will categorize their full strength one by one and there are a total of three ranks here as follows:

  • Tier S: Tier S is the rank that comes with the strongest heroes. They hold the best skills and abilities, and if you decide to upgrade one of them, you won’t fail under any circumstances. They are a real threat against the enemy.
  • Tier A: are heroes ranked after tier S with good strength and skill stats will be placed here. But don’t underestimate them as this will also feature some characters that perform well in battle.
  • Tier B: by looking at all the ranks above, these can be called the least powerful ranks, but we are not saying they are not useful. They are used in our game and would be ideal to use in your game as a beginner with a little effort. Because they don’t have much power, only average skill.

Here is the latest Fate Of The Empress Tier List updated for (April 2024):

SXie Weijin, Sun Ce, Hua Mulan, Yu Xuanji, Zhang Liang, Bianque, Lin Daiyu, Li Shizhen, Yuji, Liu Shan, Wang Zhaojun, Ji Kang, Pan An
AGuiguzi, Princess Linglong, Zhan Zhao, Zhuang Zhou, Jing Ke, Ying Zheng, Lotus Fairy, Lyu Bu, Huo Qubing, Zhao Yun, Prince Gao, Song Yu, Li Qingzhao, Princess Taiping, Zhuge Liang, Li Bai, Daji, Jia Baoyu, Diaochan, Wu Zetian
BFu Yunqi, Helan Ci, Zhao Jing, Mi Yu, Mozi

In addition, you can use the Fate Of The Empress Codes to exchange for many resources in the game.

Fate Of The Empress Tier List – All Characters

Fate Of The Empress Tier List – Tier S

  • Xie Weijin – Guard, Single DMG
  • Sun Ce – Guard, Single DMG
  • Hua Mulan – Guard, Hybrid DMG
  • Yu Xuanji – Scholar, Group DMG
  • Zhang Liang – Scholar, Group DMG
  • Bianque – Doctor, Group Control
  • Lin Daiyu – Scholar, Group DMG
  • Li Shizhen – Doctor, DMG Overtime
  • Yuji – Doctor, Single Control
  • Liu Shan – Gourmet, Healing Support
  • Wang Zhaojun – Gourmet, Healing Support
  • Ji Kang – Gourmet, Speed Support
  • Pan An – Gourmet, Speed Support

Fate Of The Empress Tier List – Tier A

  • Guiguzi – Doctor, Group Control
  • Princess Linglong – Gourmet, Speed Support
  • Zhan Zhao – Guard, Single DMG
  • Zhuang Zhou – Gourmet, Healing Support
  • Jing Ke – Guard, Single DMG
  • Ying Zheng – Doctor, Group Control
  • Lotus Fairy – Doctor, Group Control
  • Lyu Bu – Guard, Single DMG
  • Huo Qubing – Guard, Single DMG
  • Zhao Yun – Guard, Hybrid DMG
  • Prince Gao – Guard, Single DMG
  • Song Yu – Scholar, Group DMG
  • Li Qingzhao – Scholar, Group DMG
  • Princess Taiping – Doctor, Group Control
  • Zhuge Liang – Scholar, Group DMG
  • Li Bai – Scholar, Group DMG
  • Daji – Doctor, Group Control
  • Jia Baoyu – Gourmet, Aid Support
  • Diaochan – Gourmet, Aid Support
  • Diaochan – Gourmet, Revive Heal

Fate Of The Empress Tier List – Tier B

  • Fu Yunqi – Scholar, Group DMG
  • Helan Ci – Guard, Single DMG
  • Zhao Jing – Gourmet, Group Buff
  • Mi Yue – Doctor, Group Control
  • Mozi – Scholar, Group DMG


So you have received some information related to Fate Of The Empress Tier List and the necessary instructions when you are just getting started with the game. Also, don’t forget to follow us regularly to keep up to date with the latest tier list information. In addition, in the future, the developer will add more new characters and then this list may change.

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