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Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Guide and Tips for Beginners

Hello to all players of Harry Potter Magic Awakened who are trying to explore the wizarding world and improve their magic mastery skills. Today, GamePlayPlan will teach you how to become better in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. As a new player, it can be difficult for you to start, so we decided to share with you Harry Potter Magic Awakened Guide and Tips for Beginners.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Guide and Tips

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Guide and Tips for Beginners
Harry Potter Magic Awakened Guide and Tips for Beginners

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a card-collecting game, and there’s a magical universe of Harry Potter, along with iconic characters from the series. This is a magical card role-playing game, and the main setting of the game will be the academy at Hogwarts. You are a student there, and the game comes with a number of combat mechanics, spells as well as monsters to turn you into a great wizard.

The game is a mix of magic and journey to master all of them here. Your favorite wizarding and magical world is now ready to make it a reality. Get ready for the game by having the best preparation, and that’s why we bring you Harry Potter Magic Awakened Guide and Tips for Beginners.

This Harry Potter Magic Awakened guide is for new players who are playing this game right now and we’ll give you some tips for success today. You won’t need to struggle with initial difficulties in the game anymore as this guide will help you learn how to play and get lots of resources quickly.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Gameplay

First, you need to learn about the gameplay of the game. As we mentioned, this is a real-time card battle game and you have a battle that needs to be solved by building decks. The first time you start the game, the game’s system will randomly select five cards for you, and each of these cards is also boosted with some magical ability.

As a Harry Potter player, you need to have the best strategy to win these matches, as you must use your magic cards strategically. Magic cards can heal you or damage your enemies to restore energy. So you need to figure out where to use the tag and which best fits which tag.

Types of Magic Cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

If you want to master the gameplay of Harry Potter Magic Awakened, you’d better know the magic cards included in the game. The game has four rarities for the cards, and Legend is the rarest card here, while Normal becomes the least skilled card. And there are Epic and Rare cards between them with abilities and skills worth considering to help you win throughout the game.

The “rare” cards are recommended as they are full of potential as well as skill. “Rare” cards will be Summon or Spell cards, and if you use Summon cards your Spell cards will take effect quickly. While the Summoning cards are there to activate the effect by placing them on the field.

Whenever you place decks for battles, please note that they need to be created with Echoes as well as with Companion cards. We recommend building decks with Echo because it has a more useful synergy than other decks. And if you use the Companion card, they will act as assistants.

You can refer to the best cards in the Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List.

Character creation and customization

Create your character
Create your character

The next tutorial that we want to share is related to the character creation in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. You can become a witch or wizard as you like, and the game allows you to create custom characters and customize them. At the start, there will be fewer options to customize your character, but the more you progress, the more options you will unlock.

You can choose a gender for your character then customize their skin, face, features, hair, and hairstyle. Next, you are allowed to choose a jacket and scarf. After creating your character, you can choose your wand and guardian owl. As you do these, you’ll see familiar locations and characters from the Harry Potter series.

Just like in books and movies, you too can own a home. This is not random in the game as you can choose the house as you want. The Sorting Hat will give you a hint at first, but you are free to choose how your adventure will unfold. Whatever you desire from your taste for houses, the sorting hat will allow you to settle into one of four homes.

Using Harry Potter Magic Awakened Codes

As a new player, you may not know what Harry Potter Magic Awakened Codes are, but you can understand it simply like this. Basically, Harry Potter Magic Awakened Codes are a collection of alphanumeric characters that are combined together to form a code. And they are released by the game developer.

By redeeming them in the game’s redemption center, you will be able to get more perks while playing. It can be some items, resources or anything else you want to progress further in the game and the best thing is that the official developers of the game provide these.

Game Modes in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Game modes in Harry Potter Magic Awakened
Game modes in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Although this is a card game, Harry Potter Magic Awakened has both PVP as well as PVE modes and each mode will bring different aspects.


For PVE mode, there will be elemental dungeons to challenge and you need to complete your story stages here, which come from the Yearbook. This Yearbook will let you know where you’re going and track your progress towards completing the game’s main storyline.

In addition, the game also allows you to repeat your stages. Although they have been completed, you are still allowed to earn more resources there. If you want to make more progress from the story mode, you have to complete more stages from your Yearbook. Gold, gems, legendary cards and more will be rewards in this mode.


For PVP mode, you will be fighting with players around the world. There will be 1v1 multiplayer battles as well as 2v2 battles for you to participate in and these are also becoming the best ways to help you progress throughout the game. You can collect cards and create a complete deck here, plus there are PVP potions that can be crafted to prevent your rank from dropping when you lose a battle.

Story mode

This comes with the Yearbook for the story, and there are records for each year. And those represent a story segment and you, as the player, can complete them for rewards. Finally, it will help you to unlock more legendary as well as epic cards.

Daily quests

In addition, the game also has tasks that you need to perform daily as well as weekly. When completing these tasks, you will receive various rewards. You can view them from Homework and doing this will allow you to make more progress. And note that these quests require gold to complete.

What activities should be done in Harry Potter Magic Awakened?

There are many activities to participate in in this Harry Potter game. Some tasks need to be prioritized by you because they give you access to resources as well as progress. Resources are a must for you to upgrade, and you’re mainly aiming for gameplay progression. So keep an eye on these activities as you play this game for success.

You need to take classes and that earns you points. Points are what you need to progress from the Yearbook as well as to open the House Chest. Your classes in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened take the form of mini-games. At first, not all classes are accessible because there are some classes that are restricted whenever there is a session. Classes are scheduled from Monday to Sunday, with different lessons each day.

When you take a class for the first time as a beginner, you will learn alongside your unplayable characters and that is your classmates. And here you can enter the matchmaking queue, allowing you to join other players. If you’re just starting out in the game, we recommend going to the Forbidden Forest, as it will allow you to have more potion ingredients and echoes.


We’d like to end our Harry Potter Magic Awakened Guide and Tips for Beginners. here. Now it’s your turn to turn it into the most powerful gameplay using all the original instructions. If you are new, we hope that this guide will help you while playing the game, so get ready, consult the guide and work your way to becoming successful.

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