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Honkai Star Rail Luka Build

In the Honkai Star Rail 1.2 update, a new 4-star DPS character named Luka was introduced. Players were excited about Luka’s potential and started discussing the best way to build Luka’s character. This article provides more information about Luka and offers tips on how to build Luka’s character effectively.

Introducing the character Luka

Luka is a character in Honkai: Star Rail with 4 stars. Luka belongs to the Nihility destiny and has Physical combat attributes. This character’s gameplay focuses on weakening enemies and dealing long-term damage with the Bleed effect. When fighting alone, Luka’s abilities may not be as strong as other hot DPS characters, but if built correctly, Luka can be a valuable addition to your main lineup. How can we effectively build Luka to make this character more useful?

Basic Information

  • Name: Luka.
  • Rarity: 4★.
  • Destiny: Void.
  • Battle attribute: Physical.
  • Base HP: 124.
  • Base attack: 79.
  • Base defense: 66.
  • Speed: 103.
  • Provocation: 100.

Total Ascension materials to Level Up Luka in Honkai: Star Rail

If you want to boost Luka’s overall stats, leveling him up through Ascension is a fantastic approach. Ascension works wonders in increasing his character level. To make the most out of Luka’s level, you’ll have to gather the following Ascension materials.

  • Credits: 246,400.
  • Ancient Part: 12.
  • Ancient Spindle: 13.
  • Ancient Engines: 12.
  • Iron Wolf Saw Teeth: 50.

Total materials consumed to raise Traces for Luka

Luka has his very own unique skill tree known as the Trace tree. This tree can be gradually leveled up as you progress. Certain sections of the tree will boost Luka’s overall stats like attack power or effect hit rate, while others will amplify the damage caused by his skills.

In order to completely upgrade all of Luka’s Traces, you’ll have to gather the following Trace materials.

  • Credits: 2,400,000.
  • Tracks of Destiny: 5.
  • Ancient Part: 28.
  • Ancient Spindle: 42.
  • Ancient Engine: 42.
  • Obsidian of Dread: 12.
  • Obsidian of Desolation: 54.
  • Obsidian of Obsession: 105.
  • Regret of Infinite Ochema: 12.

Luka’s skill set in Honkai: Star Rail

Luka is a unique character with six special skills, instead of the typical five like other recruits in Honkai: Star Rail. This is because his basic attack can be transformed into a different attack using his other abilities.

1. “Direct Punch” basic attack

Inflicts Physical Damage to a designated enemy equivalent to 50% of Luka’s Attack.

2. “Sky-Shatter Fist” alternate basic attack

When Luka has two stacks of Fighting Will, gained through some of his other abilities, he can activate an alternate version of his basic attack called “Sky-Shatter Fist”. While “Sky-Shatter Fist” is active, Luka first uses “Direct Punch” to deal three hits of Physical damage, ranging from 10% to 22% of Luka’s attack, to a single selected opponent. Then, Luka uses a Rising Uppercut to deal one hit of Physical damage, ranging from 40% to 88% of Luka’s attack, to the selected target.

3. “Lacerating Fist” skill

Inflict Physical Damage to a designated enemy equal to 60% of Luka’s Attack, then have a base 100% chance to cause the target to enter the Bleeding state, lasting for 3 rounds.

In the Bleeding state, at the start of each round, the enemy will suffer Continuous Physical Damage equal to 24% of their Maximum HP, up to a maximum of 130% of Luka’s Attack.

4. “Coup de Grâce” Ultimate

Obtain 2 stacks of Fighting Spirit and have a basic 100% chance to make a designated enemy increase the damage they take by 12%, lasting for 3 turns. After that, deal Physical Damage to this target equal to 198% of Luka’s Attack.

5. “Flying Sparks” talent

After Luka performs a normal attack with Straight Fist and follows up with the technique Shattered Fist, he will gain 1 stack of Will to Fight, up to a maximum of 4 stacks. When the number of Will to Fight stacks is 2 or more, the normal attack Straight Fist will be enhanced into Sky Shattering Straight Fist. After successfully hitting an enemy with the enhanced normal attack “Sky Shattering Fist” while they are Bleeding, it will immediately generate 1 instance of damage equivalent to 68% of the initial damage that the bleeding target is currently taking. At the start of the battle, Luka has 1 stack of Will to Fight.

6. “Anticipator” technique

Attack the enemy immediately, after entering battle will deal Physical Damage equal to 50% of Luka’s Attack to a random enemy, while having a basic 100% chance to inflict Bleeding status on this enemy, similar to Chiến Kỹ. After that, Luka will gain an additional layer of Fighting Spirit.

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