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How to Stellar Jade Farming in Honkai Star Rail?

Stellar Jade are the most important thing that you or any player needs to own in Honkai Star Rail. This is what allows you to get more characters and weapons. They can be used to replenish Trailblaze Powers, but more importantly, this rare resource is used to purchase Star Rail Passes for the game’s gacha banners. Here, GamePlayPlan will show you the methods for how to get Stellar Jade farming in Honkai Star Rail.

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What is Stellar Jade used for in Honkai Star Rail?

Stellar Jade is a major currency in the Honkai Star Rail. Stellar Jade allows you to exchange for Rail Pass or Special Rail Pass that you use on Warps. It’s Star Rail-speak for character banners and Light Cone, it’s gacha-speak for “how you get new characters and weapons”.

Stellar Jade has no other uses, but because the number of Gems you can get for free in each update is limited and they may not be enough to satisfy your shopping preferences. Therefore, before using Stellar Jade to buy, think carefully.

How To stellar jade Farming in Honkai Star Rail?

Farming Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail is the best choice for you to get more characters and weapons, and you don’t even have to pay for it if you know how to stellar jade farming.

The HoYoverse developer offers you a variety of methods for stocking up on stellar jade, although some methods are easier and faster to complete than others. Some games require you to spend real money and some games you can earn just by playing the normal game. Here, we will suggest you some ways of stellar jade farming.

Complete Trailblazer quests

This is the easiest way to earn a decent amount of Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail. Trailblazer quests are missions that are part of the main story of the game and if you complete these you can earn 80 Stellar Jade or sometimes less for short quests.

However, eventually, you will run out of tasks to do. So this is not a long-term way of Stellar Jade Farming. Side quests will also reward you with Stellar Jade, so keep an eye out for those.

Raise your Trailblazer level

Raise your Trailblazer level

Each time you upgrade your Trailblazer by completing quests and other activities, talk to Pom Pom on the Astral Express for some rewards. Each time received, the reward will be different including Stellar Jade or Rail Passes but mostly Stellar Jade. Just starting the game is the best time to upgrade your Trailblazer.

At levels 25 and 35, you can also claim 800 Star Gems each from the “Trailblazer Will” section of the Travel Log.

Daily Training

Complete Daily Training

After going to the underworld on Jarilo-VI and completing the Trailblazer quest “Hide and Seek”, you can unlock the daily training feature. Daily Training gives you a small set of tasks each day. Most of the Daily Training missions require you to do things you normally would, such as salvage relics, break enemy Stamina bars, complete the Cavern of Corrosion activity, and other missions. other similar operations.

Your Daily Training rewards can be up to 60 Stellar Jade and 1000+ Trailblaze EXP per day. To complete these tasks is not too difficult, usually you only need to spend 5 minutes to be able to complete. So always try to do them right after logging in.

Buy Express Supply Pass

The Express Supply Pass costs $4.99 and gives you 90 Stellar Jade once a day, every day for a month, along with a one-time transmission of 300 Oneiric Shards that you can convert into 300 Stellar Jade. This is a method for you to earn Stellar Jade quickly without having to do anything.

Complete Operation Briefing objectives

Complete Operation Briefing Objectives
Complete Operation Briefing Objectives

The Interastral Guide menu includes an “Operation Briefing” tab, where you can find a set of tasks such as ascending characters or completing certain goals. Complete each page of the Operation Briefing to earn Stellar Jades and other goodies. Latter pages reward more Stellar Jades, but they are generally harder to complete.

Open chest

Chests are a one-time source of loot that you can open to get Stellar Jades and other useful items. World map treasure chests contain a certain amount of Stellar Jade. Regular chests give you a handful, but you can get 60 or more chests from rarer chests.

Each area has a certain number of chests hidden inside, and most of the time, you’ll only be able to get them all after completing certain story missions. Maybe while playing you come across formidable enemies guarding these valuable boxes and defeating them also gives you Stellar Jade.

The map screen will show how many chests and Warp Trotters are available in an area, and the same counter will also keep track of how many chests are left unexplored.

Challenge the Forgotten Hall

Forgotten Hall is where most of the last part of the Honkai Star Rail takes place. It’s a set of challenges designed for the final stage, tasking you with winning tough battles and completing certain objectives. It includes 15 challenges that increase in difficulty as you progress further in the game.

Like the Spiral Abyss, the Forgotten Hall is divided into two parts: Memory and Memory of Chaos. Both reward you with Stellar Jade, although you can only complete the Memory challenge once. The Memory of Chaos challenge will update periodically.

Successfully defeating a floor of the Forgotten Lobby while meeting the necessary challenge conditions will reward the player with 200 Stellar Jade for a total of 3000 upon completion of each floor. This activity can be unlocked by completing the Flash mission.

Purchase using world currency

Each world in Honkai Star Rail has its own currency and at least one store that you can spend. These shops sell a variety of character and Light Cone materials, and you can claim Stellar Jade after spending a certain amount of money.

Clear Herta’s Simulated Universe

Make sure to check back often with Herta and complete challenges in the new Simulation Universe to unlock new blessings in the simulation. You earn 80 Stellar Jade every time you reach a newly unlocked blessing milestone.

Take part in limited-time events

The newly launched version of Honkai Star Rail does not include any events, but in the future will hold some limited-time events, similar to Genshin Impact. Participating in these will earn you Stellar Jade and other valuable rewards.

Complete the character ability test

A set of aptitude tests will be available with every new character banner. These are mock battles designed to showcase how a character performs in battle, and you can earn 20 Star Gems by completing the 5-star character test.

Increase your Nameless Honor rank

Nameless Honor is Honkai Star Rail’s battle pass, and if you have the paid version of it, you earn 680 Stellar Jade once you reach the end. It’s not the most efficient method, but it works.


Above is our full tutorial on how to get Stellar Jade Farming in Honkai Star Rail. Take full advantage of these methods to get as much Stellar Jade as you can. In the future, we will update some more methods to Stellar Jade Farming, so please come back for the latest updates!

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