Last Ultima Guide, Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Last Ultima

Last Ultima Guide, Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Hello friends, players who are looking to learn about Last Ultima, this is the guide for you. Although Last Ultima is still in development and built by Neocraft. This role-playing game will soon appear in the game world, so prepare your strategy carefully to succeed from the very beginning. GamePlayPlan will share with you Last Ultima Guide, Tips and Tricks for Beginners to help you get the most perfect game experience.

Last Ultima Guide, Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Last Ultima Guide, Tips and Tricks
Last Ultima Guide, Tips and Tricks

Good storyline, constant exploration, boss fights and interactive characters are some of the key factors that make Last Ultima a more unique and better game. Right from the start of the game, you’ve got a lot to do. As you progress, you will be busier with more and more tasks to do. Power up your squad with the tips and tricks in this guide.

Character selection

Last Ultima Guide
Last Ultima Guide

When starting Last Ultima, you must choose a character to continue the journey. In the game’s introduction there are four main roles and you can choose one of them. Let’s take a look at the characters’ roles in Last Ultima with the explanation below.

  • Swordmaster: this is one of the roles of the main character in this game. In addition, Swordmaster is also known as the dragon slayer. This is a melee fighter in the game, using the greatsword as a weapon. If you love melee gameplay, you can come to Dragon Slayer, in this swordsman role.
  • Assassin: assassin has another role that you can choose in this game, and this is also known as Sandstorm Assassin. This character role specializes in single melee explosions and its weapon is the Razor. Assassin has good stealth skills, so you can go with this character if you like dealing with enemies that are faster than you imagine.
  • Sage: This character role is also known as Oracle Sage. Sage’s role is on par with elemental mages, and sages are good at long-range team output. Sage uses a magic wand as his weapon.
  • Gunner: the role of the gunner is also known as the gunner ranger. The special feature of this character is the single-point explosions. This character role uses a pair of guns as weapons.

You can choose any of them to continue the game. Depending on the character role you choose, the fighting style will be different. The techniques you use in battles should match the fighting style of your character’s role. So pick a role that fits the style of play that you want to follow throughout the gameplay.

Upgrade your wings

After choosing a character and customizing specific features, you can start entering the world of Last Ultime. When you complete the game and reach level 10, you can unlock wings for your character.

The wings will help you to fly to the sky when needed. After unlocking the wings, you need to upgrade them to add more attributes to make your character strong enough throughout the game. Upgrading your wings will consume essential supplies and after upgrading your character will become stronger.

Complete mission

In Last Ultima, the quest is the only thing you have to complete initially. Quests are what help you progress quickly in the game. Different types of missions give you different specific rewards for completing them.

Without the help of quests, there’s no way you can level up your player in this game and unlock other exclusive features while expanding Last Ultima’s gameplay.

Therefore, completing all quests will be extremely important in Last Ultima. Then you should have good progress in a few minutes. But it all depends on how fast you complete the tasks.

Fight with the enemy

Fight with the enemy
Fight with the enemy

According to the character role you have chosen, your character will be provided with the necessary skills. You will have to use these skills to damage enemies. Fighting enemies is awesome because the skills are so flashy. Since this is a mobile game, you must use touch-based controls to fight the enemies. There are joysticks, normal attack skills, and other epic skills.

You can tap on each skill shown in the control scheme to fight enemies and to unlock those skills you need to reach a certain level. During combat, the cooldowns of these skills will also be displayed on the screen.

Level up your mounts

When you reach a certain level in Last Ultima, you will receive a mount for the character. When using a mount, you can move very quickly from one point to another. Mounts have a specific set of attributes, and you can level up a mount to increase its attributes.

As the mount’s level increases, the character’s fighting power will increase. As you level up your mount, you can unlock new skills for your character. So upgrade your mount more and unlock more skills.

World bosses to defeat in Last Ultima

World bosses to defeat in last ultima
World bosses to defeat in the last ultima

Unlike the usual enemies you face when completing beginner quests, world bosses are hard to defeat and they have higher health status and great powerful skills. World bosses are tough, although it’s true that with the best skills, you always have a chance to beat them. You have to defeat many world bosses here, and each one has a different health status, skills, and fighting techniques.

Remember to stay out of their attack range when fighting. Because one hit from the world boss means you lose a lot of HP. Defeating world bosses gives you huge rewards, such as higher level gear pieces, large amounts of EXP, and many other valuable items you claim in this game.

Hero Summon

While playing Last Ultima there will be a few times when you have difficulty confronting the enemies. At this point, you need to upgrade your squad by summoning some heroes to help you. In the game, your battle companion is called an Esper. You should go to the Summon option from the main screen of the game and start summoning heroes or Espers depending on the game.

With the summoning system, you can summon one or ten times at a time, and each banner has a snare system that guarantees you a specific hero of higher rarity after a certain number of draws.

The hero drop rate will depend on the rarity of that hero. For heroes with low rarity, the drop rate will be high, and vice versa for heroes with high rarity, the drop rate will be very low. Lower rarity always has the largest gap in the summon banner, while higher rarity has the smallest gap.

Add the best battle companion

When you summon Espers from the summoning system, you can use them as companions in battles. Each Esper has its own specialized type, such as attack, support, etc. You need to choose the best Espers and add them to your team to help your character deal with powerful enemies. Initially, only one slot is unlocked to assign an Esper.

As you level up, you can unlock two more slots that allow you to assign three Espers to battles. Also, remember to use the necessary resources to upgrade and power them up. You can level up their stars and skills as you meet the requirements.


Please read this Last Ultima Guide, Tips, and Tricks for Beginners carefully if you want to better understand the gameplay in Last Ultima. There is no need to worry when the game is ready to play, you can try and experience a great game with the help of tips and tricks that you have learned from this guide.

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