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Loop Dungeon Idle RPG

Loop Dungeon Idle RPG Tier List – Best Team

Loop Dungeon Idle RPG is an idle combat role-playing game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. Whether you are in the game or not, the hero’s battle continues and you will still receive rewards. Collect the heroes you meet in the dungeon and find their perfect interactions.

The hero’s strength will greatly affect your victory. Therefore, you must clearly understand the strength of each hero in the game. That’s why we want to share with you this guide to Loop Dungeon Idle RPG Tier List. Let’s see who is the strongest hero in the game!

Introducing Loop Dungeon Idle RPG

Loop Dungeon Idle RPG
Loop Dungeon Idle RPG

Wake up and see the treasures you won while you slept! Analyze enemies, learn their properties and skills to deploy the best heroes to achieve victory. Climb higher, challenge stronger enemies. Get through the prison full of colorful terrain and vicious monsters. Shape the game your way, by your choices in the countless events encountered in the dungeon.

In Loop Dungeon, the fight never stops even when you’re not playing! As your heroes journey in search of glory, you must choose wisely which weapon and armor upgrades to invest in, as well as decide on the most lucrative routes of exploration. Your choices could be the key to finding special rewards from weapons and armor to many secret treasures and items waiting to be discovered!

The game offers easy starting mechanics while presenting challenging levels of complexity, providing hours of exploration and enhanced enjoyment. This is the perfect game for strategically minded players who want complete control over their gaming experience.

The game gives you the opportunity to create your ideal teams to fight through the harshest dungeons with excellent tactics. By studying your opponents’ different skills and abilities, you can devise complex strategies that help you navigate each level, ultimately allowing you to rise higher and challenge powerful enemies. strong.

Loop Dungeon Idle RPG Tier List – Best Team Guide

Loop Dungeon Idle RPG Tier List
Loop Dungeon Idle RPG Tier List

With an endless collection of unique heroes and enemies, you will have the opportunity to create many squads according to your preferences. Choose to upgrade your hero from the game’s hero collection and equipment, and your expedition route will determine your success or failure.

Heroes with extraordinary and constantly evolving abilities!
From heroes protecting their allies to heroes delivering powerful punches to turn the battlefield upside down! Meet many different heroes with irreplaceable skills. Constantly improve your heroes to make them the best they can be!

If you want to win in Loop Dungeon Idle RPG, you must turn your party into a formidable force by recruiting the best heroes. Additionally, you must also equip them with the best equipment you can find.

Don’t worry if you don’t know who is the best hero in the game. Because this guide will give you the best information about the best, most powerful heroes in Loop Dungeon Idle RPG. In this Loop Dungeon Idle RPG Tier List, we will list the entire best squad in the game. Of course those squads will include the best heroes.

Basic lineup for beginners

If you are a new player and are gradually getting used to the gameplay of Loop Dungeon Idle RPG, this squad will be very suitable for you. This squad will help you get through the early stages of the game easily. The heroes of this squad include:

  • Ashkern: Main DPS source
  • Magnus: Main Tank
  • Drakus: ultimate spam/dunker
  • Khaladria: DPS
  • Agni: off Tank/DPS tank

With this lineup, Ashkern will play the main damage-dealing role with his long-range shooting ability. Meanwhile, Magnus is the main source of damage resistance. Drakus will truly be your ultimate attacker and spammer, effectively destroying opponents, while Khaladria adds even more DPS in the game. Agni will be your tank, protecting your team from damage, while increasing DPS. Together, they will help you complete all game modes.

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Healer team

If you are looking for a good squad that can endure any fight, then the Healer team is truly the best team for you. The heroes of this squad include:

  • Ashkern: Main DPS source
  • Magnus: Main Tank
  • Florence: Off Tank/Mag Support
  • Shine: off tank#2/support
  • Groll(or sub-Groll for Agni): Main off the tank

With this lineup, Magnus and Ashkern will play the main role like they do in the basic lineup. Ashkern will provide damage from afar, while Magnus is the main source of resistance. Florence is there to actually provide a dmg reduction buff to everyone in her radius, which would be Magnus, Shine, Groll, or Agni if you actually decide to drop Groll into the game.

With Shine providing healing for both yourself and your teammates, you will significantly reduce damage after each battle.

Dwarf Beast Combo

Dwarf Beast Combo is an interesting lineup for you to try out. The heroes of this squad include:

  • Iris: DPS
  • Ashkern: DPS
  • Mag: Main tank
  • Scar: Off Tank/Meat sponge
  • Tanya: Backline tanks

Ashkern will be your AoE DPS, while Iris will actually target a single target. But because of her piercing ability, she will actually hit multiple enemies if they are aligned correctly. For long battles, Iris can use her ultimate to stun many enemies. This allows her teammates to deal more damage.

The stun effect only lasts for 2 seconds but it is still valuable. Make sure that when using Iris, you give her Heal with HOH or Hit. Without it, she is terrible and can be frustrating to use as she will die quickly without it.

Scar will be a powerful tanker in your squad, basically Scar will be on your front line, taking and dealing damage to crowds. Similar to Scar and Iris, a HOH is needed for them to reach their full potential.

The real Tanya will be in the back, protecting Ashkern. This is actually called a block. She can be configured to be a DPS, but for beginner-friendly purposes, don’t worry she’s not too strong. Her main job is really to support Mag while preventing backline DPS units from getting crushed in the game.

Human comp

Human comp is a very easy to play squad with the following powerful heroes:

  • Ashkern: Dps
  • Shine: Healer
  • Rin: Dps/Human nuke
  • Estelle: Main tank/Healer
  • Hanna: Support/DPS

All humans will take less damage, however, the damage humans take will increase each time a teammate dies. The supplement would essentially allow anyone who has difficulty living to live longer. Each unit will essentially be able to deal more damage and take less damage the longer they survive.

Hanna will provide frost damage and aoe damage and she can deal a large amount of damage. Rin will be another dps and will attack different units across the map. When Rin uses her ultimate, she will wipe out the map with nuclear weapons as long as she doesn’t miss. To avoid missing your ultimate, make sure you have plenty of chances to hit.

Ashkern will be the main damage-dealing hero in this squad. Shine is a support champion that buffs healing for the entire team and combined with Estelle’s ability to restore life between them is increased by 30% to help them survive to help the team. Estelle can take on the role of the main tank of this squad.


So you have received all the information related to Loop Dungeon Idle RPG Tier List and the necessary instructions when starting to get acquainted with the game. Also, don’t forget to follow us regularly to update the latest tier list information. In addition, in the future, the developer will update more new characters and weapons and this list may change.

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