Merge Duck 2 Tier List

Merge Duck 2

Merge Duck 2 Tier List (December 2023)

Merge Duck 2 is an interesting role-playing game on mobile devices from the publisher OneMore Game Studio. In it, you will collect a lovely army of mighty ducks. Choose the best strategy to create a unique, powerful team of super ducks. To do that, you need to know which ducks are the strongest in Merge Duck 2. You will find the best choice in the GamePlayPlan Merge Duck 2 Tier List below.

Merge Duck 2 Tier List (December 2023)

Merge Duck 2 Tier List
Merge Duck 2 Tier List

Merge Duck 2 is a fun strategy game where you create a powerful army of ducks to defeat your enemies. You can participate in intense battles, unleash skills to attack enemies and win with attractive rewards. Creating a strong duck squad will make it easy for you to control every battle to win.

With more than 80 different types of ducks, you can create a scientific strategy and fight to win each battle. They possess their own unique abilities. Raise your ducks and use them to fight. Some have offensive skills, while others will assist you in defense. Merge them to create incredible duck superheroes.

That’s why you should refer to this Merge Duck 2 Tier List. This list is a ranking system that classifies ducks into different levels based on their strength and usefulness. But please note that this list is for reference only and according to various data in the game.

We’ve sorted this list from SS (highest) to C (lowest):

  • Tier SS – these are undoubtedly the best, and all the players should give their whole attention to start the gameplay with these heroes since they are literally the best.
  • Tier S – and we have a good-ranking hero here, and they will be close to the SS-tier strengths. Although they don’t have the exact powers as the SS tier, they will also make it to the top by having some superpowers to continue the gameplay.
  • Tier A – here, we are going to have decent heroes. It means that they have some middle-level of strengths, and they are either not good or bad. For some situations, these heroes will be doing the best for you, but please note that they don’t have much value to the gameplay.
  • Tier B, C – the least skilled heroes will be ranked here, and they are not recommended for any player. Generally, it is wise to avoid these heroes because they don’t have much capacity to handle the gameplay from a superior level.

In addition, you can use Merge Duck 2 Codes to exchange for many in-game rewards such as: gold, diamonds, eggs, summons, gems, etc. These all help you to buy characters or upgrade.

Here is the tier list for Merge Duck 2:

SS Valkyrie, DK78, Crimson Sweetie, Tendo Lightning
SDragonqueen, Paladin, Martial Emperor, Stormbringer, Nighmare (Mecha Front), Nightmare (Armored Legion), Onion Duck, Shadow Shark, Infester, Armor Ninja, Storm
ADark Mage, Pioneer, Magus, Vampire, Autoduck, Magic Master, Fire Captain, Devil Dragon, Shura Toshi, Ra, Chivalrous Man, Blinder, Knife, Berserke, Angel Hunter
BVF Fighter, Fire Ninja, Ghostface, Cyborg, Butterfly, Lightning, Diver, Abyssal Lurker, Artificial Maid
CStrike Machine, Mad Scientist, Alchemist, Destroyer, Rider, Icefire, Brave Warrior, Lord of Flame

This is just a reference tier list and it may not be right for your playstyle. You can change depending on your playing style and the specific challenges you are facing. However, this should give you a good starting point to build a strong team of ducks in Merge Duck 2.

Merge Deck 2 Tier List SS

If you are looking to start your game, then these ducks are the perfect choice for you. They are truly in a league of their own and are considered the absolute best of all the ducks out there. So, muster your enthusiasm and dive headfirst into the game with these ducks leading the way. Their special qualities will surely make your gaming experience memorable.

  • Valkyrie (Demigod + Warrior)
  • DK78 (Armored Legion + Mage)
  • Crimson Sweetie (Blade Empire + Priest)
  • Tendo Lightning (Meta Union + Mage)

Merge Duck 2 Tier List S

With the ducks on this list, you’ll be able to rise to the top and deftly break through the gameplay. They have what it takes to keep the adventure going strong, so don’t underestimate their abilities.

  • Dragonqueen (Blade Empire + Ranger)
  • Paladin (Mecha Front + Assassin)
  • Martial Emperor (Blade Empire + Assassin)
  • Stormbringer (Armored Legion + Ranger)
  • Nightmare (Mecha Front + Ranger)
  • Nightmare (Armored Legion + Warrior)
  • Onion Duck (Ultra Guild + Priest)
  • Shadow Shark (Meta Union + Warrior)
  • Infester (Meta Union + Priest)
  • Armor Ninja (Armored Legion + Ranger)
  • Storm (Ultra Guild + Mage)

Merge Duck 2 Tier List A

These ducks are not useless and not very good, it can be said to be a bit mixed. In certain situations, these ducks can be quite useful to your team. However, it is essential to know that they may not add much value to the overall gameplay compared to the higher ranked ducks.

  • Dark Mage (Blade Empire + Mage)
  • Pioneer (Blade Empire + Warrior)
  • Magus (Blade Empire + Priest)
  • Vampire (Meta Union + Ranger)
  • Autoduck (Armored Legion + Warrior)
  • Magic Master (Ultra Guild + Ranger)
  • Fire Captain (Armored Legion + Priest)
  • Devil Dragon (Meta Union + Mage)
  • Shura Toshi (Blade Empire + Assassin)
  • Ra (Demigod + Priest)
  • Chivalrous Man (Blade Empire + Warrior)
  • Blinder (Meta Union + Ranger)
  • Knife (Blade Empire + Assassin)
  • Berserker (Meta Union + Warrior)
  • Angel Hunter (Meta Union + Priest)

Merge Duck 2 Tier List B

Tier B ducks exhibit moderate strength. While they don’t lead the pack, they do provide viable options for your playstyle. These ducks will definitely be useful for the early stages of the game, before you make better choices.

  • VF Fighter (Armored Legion + Mage)
  • Fire Ninja (Blade Empire + Ranger)
  • Ghostface (Blade Empire + Assassin)
  • Cyborg (Armored Legion + Assassin)
  • Butterfly (Ultra Guild + Assassin)
  • Lightning (Ultra Guild + Ranger)
  • Diver (Meta Union + Assassin)
  • Abyssal Lurker (Ultra Guild + Assassin)
  • Artificial Maid (Meta Union + Assassin)

Merge Duck 2 Tier List C

Ducks in this tier are the least skilled ducks in the Merge Duck 2 Tier List. They are not the first choice for any player. It’s best not to use them as they lack the ability to handle gameplay at a superior level.

  • Strike Machine (Armored Legion + Ranger)
  • Mad Scientist (Armored Legion + Priest)
  • Alchemist (Armored Legion + Assassin)
  • Destroyer (Armored Legion + Ranger)
  • Rider (Ultra Guild + Warrior)
  • Icefire (Ultra Guild + Mage)
  • Brave Warrior (Ultra Guild + Warrior)
  • Lord of Flame (Ultra Guild + Assassin)

Instructions for building a strong duck squad

To build a strong duck squad, you can refer to this guide of ours:

  • Focus on your team’s synergy: When building your team, it’s important to consider the different abilities of each duck. Some ducks work well together, while others do not. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for you.
  • Upgrade your ducks: As you complete the game, you’ll earn resources that can be used to upgrade your ducks. This will increase their stats and make them stronger.
  • Equip your ducks with the best equipment: You can also equip your ducks with equipment to further increase their stats. Equipment can be found in the game’s shop or can be crafted using materials you earn from defeating enemies.


That’s all GamePlayPlan gives you from this Merge Duck 2 Tier List guide and we hope you have a chance to get the best score by refering to this guide. Tier SS and Tier S characters are ducks that should be on your top list in battles, and you’ll see why if you check out this guide.

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