Seven Knights Idle Adventure

Seven Knights Idle Adventure – Download for iOS, Android, and PC

Seven Knights Idle Adventure, created by the renowned developers at Netmarble, provides an exciting role-playing experience that immerses players in a rich and unique narrative parallel to the original ‘Seven Knights’. This game shifts the focus from the grand, world-altering conflicts of its predecessor to the personal stories of different heroes, enabling players to explore the lore of the ‘Seven Knights Idle Adventure’ universe in greater depth.

Embark on a Magical Journey

Join Elgar, the charming novice witch, and her band of companions on a magical journey as they navigate through unforeseen trials and uncover the mysteries of ‘Seven Knights Idle Adventure’. Throughout this enchanting adventure, players will meet a variety of characters, each with their own unique tales and contributions to the overarching story.

Expansive Hero Roster

Seven Knights Idle Adventure features a vast roster of more than 150 heroes for players to discover. This includes the iconic ‘Seven Knights’ and the Evan Expedition. Regular game updates guarantee a steady stream of both familiar and unique characters, enabling players to continually strengthen their team and delve into fresh strategic opportunities.

Simplified Gameplay Experience

The game focuses on user-friendly mechanics and straightforward gameplay, making it an ideal choice for fans of idle RPGs. The “Raising Seven Knights” feature allows players to easily engage with the game, providing a relaxing yet immersive gaming experience.

Strategic Battles and Progression

Players progress through different stages, building their hero deck by acquiring characters during their journey. Engage in strategic combat, defeat powerful bosses, and advance to the next stages. The game encourages players to strategically deploy their heroes, utilizing their unique abilities to overcome progressively challenging obstacles.

Creative and Captivating Environment

Seven Knights Idle Adventure creatively combines 2D elements with 3D spaces, creating visually stunning and immersive environments for players to explore. The combat system allows for the deployment of up to 10 heroes in a single unit, offering a wide range of tactical combinations and strategies to experiment with.

Engaging and Diverse Tactical Possibilities

The game provides numerous tactical possibilities, motivating players to explore various hero combinations and strategies in order to overcome challenges and advance in the game. The wide range of characters, each with their own distinct abilities and roles, enhances the depth of the gameplay, guaranteeing a satisfying and captivating experience for players at any skill level.


Seven Knights Idle Adventure, developed by Netmarble, is a captivating role-playing game that offers a fresh perspective on the ‘Seven Knights’ universe. It boasts an expansive roster of heroes, user-friendly gameplay, strategic battles, and visually stunning environments, providing a rich and immersive experience for fans of idle RPGs. Whether you are a veteran of the genre or a newcomer, embark on this magical journey and uncover the secrets of ‘Seven Knights’ with Elgar and her companions.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure

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