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SOULS Tier List [Habby] – Best Characters (June 2024)

SOULS Habby is an adventure-based tactical role-playing game that explores a mysterious ancient continent. You will be transported to an epic world and gather knight heroes, develop them into powerful knights and defeat bosses and save the kingdom from chaos.

Like other gacha games, SOULS also has a lot of different characters and each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. That’s why this SOULS Tier List is so important to you. This guide will help you understand the strength of each character, thereby making the right choices for your squad.

Information about SOULS Habby


The world of “SOULS” has been crafted with exquisite beauty to fully immerse you in this grand adventure. Players will be drawn to the rich visuals and stunning landscapes. A whole new world, graphically designed to let you fully immerse yourself in this epic adventure.

SOULS Habby will take you to a majestic continent where darkness has long ruled. In SOULS, you will be immersed in a sophisticated artistic universe, with meticulously cared for graphics to create a deep space, immersing yourself in this great story.

During this difficult journey, you will meet more than 200 unique heroic characters waiting. Each person has their own power with unique skills and characteristics. Let’s dig deep into their stories, find out what makes them special, and make this story richer than ever.

Strategy is what helps you win in SOULS. You need to take advantage of each hero’s potential and use their skills to plan optimal confrontations with different opposing forces. Engage in challenging map-based matches that require you to think carefully about your every move before proceeding

The tile-based combat system requires strategic thinking as players use a variety of heroes and skills to defeat different enemies. Finding the right squad and making the best use of available resources will be the key to victory.

Use a variety of heroes and skills to unleash your full potential to defeat different enemies. Try your best formation in this tile-based battle. Go save the world! Explore the world to see what hidden surprises await you on your journey to save the world.

SOULS Tier List – All Ranking Characters

SOULS Tier List
SOULS Tier List

SOULS Habby is a dramatic tactical RPG with many beautiful characters waiting for you to recruit. You can choose from dozens of different heroines with skill sets, classes, and armies of followers, bringing new experiences. The heroes are designed with a cute cartoon style, creating a colorful world.

The unique team creation feature, allows you to own a unique squad of yours. The strength of this feature is that you have to coordinate the heroes together in a reasonable way, to easily win each level.

For example, the mage has a mage entourage, the cavalry has an army of horsemen, and the demon-type hero is escorted by an army of demons. Besides, the attributes of each heroine are also upgraded and developed with each level, allowing you to gradually expand and optimize your fighting ability.

Whether you’re looking for a strong, resilient character to stand on the front lines to withstand damage or talented magicians who are proficient in magic, this list of ranks matters. It is like a compass pointing the way to victory. So don’t forget to return to the adventure to claim the rewards your heroes have reaped for you.

In this Souls Habby Tier List, we’ll be providing you with a personally curated ranking of the power tiers for selected heroes in the game. We will rank characters from high to low through various evaluation criteria. The leaderboard will be divided into 5 different tiers and obviously, each tier represents a group of heroes among them.

SOULS Tier List – Tier S Characters

Souls Habby Tier List
Souls Habby Tier List

SOULS Tier S Characters is the tier that comes with the strongest heroes in the Souls Tier List team. They hold the best skills and abilities, and if you decide to upgrade one of them, you won’t fail under any circumstances. These characters all possess outstanding skills, are easy to combine with the squad, and all have powerful and powerful skills.

You will find reliable companions among the characters below. They are elite characters with abilities and strengths that surpass the rest. In addition, they are also very flexible for many different lineups.

SOULS Tier List – Tier S:

  • Ulion
  • Taros
  • Zagrako
  • Bahzam
  • Lilith
  • Benzel
  • Solina
  • Nuel
  • Babu


Ulion in SOULS Tier List
Ulion in SOULS

According to many players’ reviews and through the game experience, we found that Ulion is one of the strongest characters in the game. Ulion can deal a huge amount of damage to enemies with his amazing skills. Therefore, Ulion is the top priority for a damage dealer in your team.

Ulion’s first passive skill “Ray of Light” increases physical resistance by 15%, ATK by 55% and recovers 70% of damage caused by basic attacks. The second passive skill “Aura of concentration” will help Ulion receive 100 energy at the beginning of the match and then every 2 rounds receive an additional 25 energy. The third passive skill “Synergy” increases the accuracy of Ulion and surrounding allies by 40%.

Ulion’s active skill “Holy Shock” will deal damage equal to 230% of ATK to the enemy with the highest ATK and put it in the Shock state for 1 turn. Ulion’s awakening skill “Holy Energy” will help him increase attack by 15%, and critical rate by 15%. Additionally, it also helps him recover a certain amount of health based on the amount of damage he has caused.


Zagrako in SOULS Tier List
Zagrako in SOULS

Zagrako is the best Tanker in the game and if you want to win battles, you should have him in your squad. He is very strong and can become immortal in any formation.

Zagrako’s first passive skill “Wild Strike” causes the ATK of a normal attack to increase by 50%. At the start of the battle, increase the Lifesteal Rate of yourself and all adjacent allies by 45%. This effect lasts until 5 rounds and cannot be removed. The second passive skill “Forbidden Contract” increases Magic Resistance by 20%, at the end of each round if your HP is below 30%, gain 50 energy. The third passive skill “Demonic Path of Flames”, if HP is below 40%, ATK increases by 20%, Upon death, it revives after 2 rounds with 50% HP and 50% energy.

Active Skill of Zagrako “Destructive Tempest”, deals ATK 140% damage to 1 enemy and all adjacent enemies, and has a 100% chance to Stun them for 1 turn. Awaken Skill “Strange Power”, upon death, applies a buff to all adjacent allies, increasing their ATK by 30% for 2 turns and their Lifesteal Rate by 40% for 2 turns.


Bahzam in SOULS Tier List
Bahzam in SOULS

Bahzam is a powerful offensive character that you should have in your squad. With the ability to deal a huge amount of damage, Bahzam can help you destroy enemies quickly.

Bahzam’s first passive skill “Cheap Shot”, ATK of normal attack increases by 50%. Upon a normal attack, gain a buff that increases Penetration by 50% for 3 turns. Second passive skill “Thirst for blood” increases Dodge Rate by 25%, at the start of battle, Dodge Rate increases by 40%. This effect is reduced by 5% each time you are attacked. Third passive skill “Frenzied Butcher”, when you dodge, gain a buff that increase ATK by 16% for 1 turn and additionally gain 30 energy.

Active skill of Bahzam “Split the darkness”, deals ATK 270% damage to 1 enemy. When Bahzam kills an enemy in any way, gain an extra life. If you die, revive at the end of the current round with 70% HP and 50% energy. Awaken skill “Impenetrable Darkness”, upon death, deals ATK 170% damage to the enemy attacker, and applies a debuff that reduces DEF by 80% for 3 turns.


Lilith in SOULS Tier List
Lilith in SOULS

Lilith is a character with strong attack stats that you should have in your squad. With the ability to deal huge aoe damage, Lilith can help you destroy enemies quickly.

First passive skill of Lilith “Mutilate” helps her increase Dodge rate by 55%, when you dodge, reduce the enemy attacker’s Energy by 30. Second passive skill of Lilith “Ambush”, when attacking with HP below 35% heals yourself by 50% of the damage dealt. Third passive skill “Mocking Laugh”, if all allies are killed and you are the last one standing, gain a buff that increases Dodge Rate by 46% for 2 turns.

Active skill “Darkness Slash”, deals ATK 180% damage to all enemies in the front row and absorbs 50% of their Energy. When your energy becomes full due to the absorbed Energy, use the active skill again. Awaken Skill “Demonic Leech”, when you kill an enemy, your ATK increase by 15% of the killed enemys’s ATK and your DEF by 15% of the killed enemy’s DEF.


Benzel in SOULS Tier List
Benzel in SOULS

First passive skill of Benzel “Death Explosion” increases 20% Crit DEF, normal attack deals ATK 115% damage to 1 random enemy and increase the Damage Taken from DOT by 15%. Second passive skill “Gathering Strength” increases HP by 15%, damage taken from enemies in an Acid state reduces by 25%. Third passive skill “Dark Pledge” gains 100 Energy at the start of battle.

Active skill “Boiling Earth”, Deal ATK 75% damage to all enemies and inflict an Acid debuff, dealing ATK 50% DoT for 3 turns. Acid damage removes all kinds of Shields. Awaken skill of Benzel “Curse of Vitality”, Heal the ally with the lowest HP by 80% of all damage deals to enemies through your Acid damage.


Taros in SOULS Tier List
Taros in SOULS

Taros’s first passive skill “Righteous Judgment” increase physical resistance 10%, dodge rate 15%, when HP is below 50% damage taken reduced by 30%. Second passive skill “Divine Shield”, if your HP falls below 35%, heal yourself by 30% of max HP. Upon death, apply a Damage Immunity Shield to 1 random ally in the front row for 1 turn. Third passive skill “Iron Will”, at the start of every round, applies a buff to 2x ally with low HP, reducing the Damage Taken by 15% for 1 turn.

Active skill of Taros “Thunder Clap”, deals ATK 130% damage to 2x enemies with high ATK, and applies a debuff that reduces their ATK by 20% for 2 turns. Awaken skill of Taros “Apocalyptic Tome”, upon death, revives at the end of the current round with 80% HP and 100% Energy.


Solina in SOULS Tier List
Solina in SOULS

Solina is the best support character in souls with the ability to heal and support teammates. Solina’s first passive skill “Ultimate Sacrifice”, at the start of battle, permanently increase the Speed of all allies by 20. Second passive skill “Pillar of Light” increase Dodge Rate 25% and if your HP falls below 35%, heal yourself by 30% of max HP. Third passive skill “Unfailing Faith”, if an ally’s HP falls below 50%, you gain 50 energy.

Solina’s active skill “Prayer of healing” heal 2 allies with low Hp by ATK 155%, and apply them a Shield equal to 20% of their max HP for 2 turns. Additionally, remove all debuffs from them. Solina’s Awaken skill “Divine Miracle”. when using an active skill, revive 1x random dead ally with 70% HP and 100% Energy (1 times per battle).


Nuel in SOULS Tier List
Nuel in SOULS Tier List

Nuel’s first passive skill “Divive Punishment” increase penetration +8%, Crit DEF +15%, ATK of normal attack increases by 50%. Second passive skill “Divine Power”, at the start of battlem increase the Energy of all allies by 50. Third passive skill “Strong Heart” increase Dodge Rate +15%, magic resistance +15%, at the end of every 1 round, remove 1 debuff from yourself.

Nuel’s first active skill “Barrage of light”, each of 3 weapons deals ATK 100% damage to random enemy, and reduce their Energy by 25 (Nuel starts with full Energy). Nuel’s awaken skill “Flash of light”, if HP falls below 30%, gain a shield of 40% of max HP for 1 turn and apply a HoT buff to yourself, healing for 80% of ATK for 3 turns.


Babu in SOULS Tier List
Babu in SOULS

First passive skill “Ground Slam”, ATK of normal attack increases by 50%. When using a normal attack, DEF and Crit DEF increases by 8% (max 5 stacks). Second passive skill “Golem’s Core”, when you or an ally is hit by a critical hit, you apply a shield to each target equal to 16% of Babu max HP for 2 turns. Third passive skill “Emblem of Protection” increases HP by 10%, heals yourself by 115% of the damage dealt on your normal attack.

Active skill of Babu “Violent Crash”, deals ATK 130% damage to 1 enemy and all adjacent enemies, and heals yourself by 100% of the all damage dealt. Awaken Skill of Babu “Cruel Punishment”, when hit by a critical hit, you Stun the enemy attacker for 1 turn, and gain an additional 50 Energy.

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SOULS Tier List – Tier A Characters

Tier A characters are also considered good characters and can be substituted for Tier S characters if you have a hard time getting them. While not too OP, they can do great in most stages and game types including PVP.

These characters possess powerful damage abilities and valuable gadgets that greatly contribute to your team’s success. These characters are still enough for you to win, as long as you can combine the right squad, know how to increase their strength.

SOULS Tier List – Tier A:

  • Carmen
  • Abala
  • Tania
  • Fleta
  • Milia
  • Kaion
  • Zenon
  • Sol
  • Lagou
  • Richelle
  • Rakan

SOULS Tier List – Tier B Characters

Tier B characters can be easily found in the game. Although not the best characters, they will be very useful for you for the starting stage. Tier B characters are weaker than S or A tier characters for one reason or another. This is because they mainly act as support characters and rely heavily on resources to level up.

Heroes in Tier B are solid and reliable choices for your squad. They offer a good balance between attack and defense, with reliable skills and good utility.

SOULS Tier List – Tier B:

  • Idina
  • Dolucos
  • Calix
  • Sander
  • Telfer
  • Harfa
  • Ken
  • Galan
  • Amanda
  • Lulu
  • Aruru
  • Ash
  • Aolmond
  • Naru
  • Fiona
  • Dextor
  • Void
  • Paru
  • Olga
  • Odelia

SOULS Tier List – Tier C Characters

The strength of the Souls – Tier C characters is only average and useful for the early stages of the game. While they may not be superior in terms of damage dealt, they make up for it with crowd control, healing, or buffs.

Characters at this level are considered slightly inferior to higher level characters but can become quite useful after a few days of play. As you gradually get used to their abilities and strengths, they will prove to be valuable assets.

SOULS Tier List – Tier C:

  • Asjek
  • Aron
  • Ravi
  • Crut
  • Bakra
  • Dudu
  • Navia
  • Kate
  • Denver
  • Mara
  • Declas
  • Luke

SOULS Tier List – Tier D Characters

By looking at all the ranks above, these can be called the weakest ranks, but we are not saying they are not useful. They are used in our game and would be ideal to use in your game as a beginner with a little effort. Because they don’t have much power, only average skill.

As soon as you get a better hero, it’s best to ignore them. Investing in them may not yield the desired combat power, so instead focus on upgrading your stronger allies.

SOULS Tier List – Tier D:

  • Goda
  • Gilda
  • Pico
  • Marty
  • Basham
  • Nok
  • Ann
  • Thomas


So you have received all the information related to SOULS Tier List and the necessary instructions when getting started with the game. Also, don’t forget to follow us regularly to keep up to date with the latest tier list information. In addition, in the future, the developer will add more new characters and then this list may change.

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