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Undawn Guide, Gameplay Walkthrough with Best Tips for the Survival

You are a new player of the survival game Undawn, you are looking for a way to survive in this deadly open world. This is a free game that requires you and your survivors to adventure and explore through a number of deadly environments, while encountering many terrifying creatures. Before diving deeper into the game, GamePlayPlan would like to share with you about Undawn Guide, Gameplay Walkthrough with Best Tips for the Survival.

Undawn Guide, Gameplay Walkthrough with Best Tips for the Survival

Undawn Guide and Tips for beginners
Undawn Guide and Tips for beginners

In Undawn, you will be creating your team to fight the various enemies you encounter along the way. At the same time, you also have to find other survivors to explore, survive and rebuild the world with them. To play in the best possible way, you need to know these things.

Beginning in Undawn

Just like many other games, Undawn game will also be started with choosing a character and you can customize your character as you like with a lot of options. In addition to these customizations, you need to know that all the characters in Undawn are based on a role system and it has a big impact on your entire survival experience in the game.

Each character has their own special skills and abilities, and how they contribute to your gameplay. This can greatly affect the battles you are about to face. Understanding each character’s role can help you get more money. Now let’s learn about each role one by one.

Undawn role system

In Undawn Game there are seven roles that can be seen and each of them has different effects on the game as follows.


Undawn asks you to rebuild this destroyed world. So the logger has a major role in this aspect as he holds the skills of renovation and construction. This is like a restorer; from creating a number of carpentry designs, to crafting and renovating, all done by loggers. When you want to cut a tree, these loggers can do it, but the logging time will be greatly reduced.


The gatherer in Undawn is the one who beautifies everything because he can beautify furniture and enjoy the beauty of plant patterns. He has some of the best skills to collect, so you will find it very easy to collect materials as well as make a good contribution to your collection.


Miners also play a role in the lineup. The miner’s role has the ability to mine fluently, and he will minimize famine as well as famine. He does it while still trying his best to improve mining. Owning Miner will help your resource mining work become faster.


As the name implies, the role of the know head is to cook. This role has the ability to unlock many special recipes in the game. By consuming the food they make, your squad will gain more health and satiety, and since he knows every ingredient well, he has the best cooking skills.


The hunter role in the game is for hunting as well as for tracking. They don’t feel very hungry when hunting, and they are able to defeat wild animals without much effort.

Garbage picker

The role of the scavenger is for searching in the trash and they are primarily at the beginning of this game. They can go anywhere they want, and the Scavengers are not limited by anything in this world.


The angler is a master of fishing, and he has the best skills and experience to become the king of the sea. Owning an angler will help you fish quickly.

All the roles in Undawn have different uses for your world-building work, so you need to understand their goals first and then execute them. It will allow you to gain many benefits through your game and ensure your survival.

Basic Survival in Undawn

The setting in Undawn is an apocalyptic world, so all life is at stake. You must find a way to maintain your survival in a world full of uncertainties and dangers.

You need to learn the basics regarding this survival system of the game and this will start with the Survival Health Monitor you get. There will be four stats shown here and there are various methods to make those stats stable. Let’s understand them one by one.


Psychology is simply about your mental state towards the game, and it will be Awake, Tired or Exhausted. Psychology can be affected by any of these three things. That can lead to a decrease in the collection rate, so you need to prevent fatigue. You can easily do this by getting a good night’s sleep.


The body is mainly fitness; the ideal type here should be the average type. You cannot make this body fat or thin. The body must be stable in your state and it should always be in the middle. The best method to achieve this average is exercise.

Metabolism h3

You can’t feed yourself too much because it makes your body feel uncomfortable. Therefore, a steady metabolism is required and you need to maintain a specific volume for the stomach and bladder.


Maybe this you have not seen in other games. But hygiene is the most important thing in Undawn because if you don’t bring a towel or clean skin with you, you will become an easy target for zombies. Zombies mainly try to attack unsanitary people, so you should also pay attention to this. You can take a shower with clean water.

Guide to the Zombies

In Undawn there are many dangerous creatures that you will encounter in this game, and you have to fight them and defeat them. One such creation is known for zombies and Undawn also has different types of zombies in the game. So if you need to ensure your survival in the game, you also have to watch out for these zombies.

  • Stage I Zombies – these zombies are almost human in appearance, so you might mistake them for humans. They usually hold the physical attributes associated with the humans in the game. So you can easily deal with them.
  • Stage II zombies – compared to stage I, stage II zombies are more violent and have increased in strength. At this point, zombies will possess a special ability and you may have difficulty confronting them.
  • Stage III Zombies – when they reach stage III, zombies become more violent than others and they no longer have any human-like characteristics. Their bodies are multiplied with more orange crystals. When confronting stage III zombies, you will face a lot of difficulties and time consuming to destroy them.
  • Stage IV Zombies – these zombies are in a higher level state and resemble a mutant between a monster and a crystal. It must be said that these zombies are very dangerous, if you encounter them, you may be in danger.
  • Stage V zombies – when entering stage V in Undawn zombies, they have fully completed their evolution to become a zombie and this creature is too evil. It is filled with darkness and comes with a high rate of chaos, and you can struggle a lot to kill them in the game.

Build shelters to protect yourself from Zombies

In the post-apocalyptic world, you won’t be able to do everything easily if you don’t know how to protect yourself. The simplest way is to build a shelter to protect yourself. Through that, you are not only allowed to hide, but also can store the collected items as well as heal yourself. So when you’re a beginner in Undawn, make sure you build shelter.

If you’ve ever been attacked by zombies, these shelters can be used to retreat towards you and fully heal the wounds you’ve taken from the zombies. If you get attacked by another gamer, having a shelter will solve your problem. So if you want to heal or retreat and be safe find your shelter.

Explore the map in the dawn

There are many traffic signs appearing on every road guiding you and since your ultimate goal is to survive as much as possible, you must be aware of all these designs. However, there are still some things you need to take care of before exploring the map.

First, you need to unlock the road signs and through that, you have the ability to find safety quickly. You have access to these road signs and you are just one click away from having a perfect teleport to your desired destination.

Next, you need to go to the signal towers to activate them. To build everything from scratch in Unrise, you will have to use a lot of resources. One of the ways to get free resources is by using Undawn Codes. You can also search for treasures using signal towers. In the treasure will contain first aid boxes and tool boxes, as well as military chests.

How to choose a powerful weapon?

Each player has their own preference for using weapons. Undawn has assault rifles, shotguns, and sniper rifles that you can use, and not all of them are as excellent as battles.

When choosing a new weapon, you must carefully consider each weapon’s stats and choose a weapon with good damage, high accuracy and fast fire rate. You can also look at some other stats whenever you’re trying to pick a weapon.

Level up your accessories

If you need more power make sure you’re upgrading your accessories. There are different types of accessories that you can upgrade and they all have different purposes. Some are also very helpful with upgrading your materials. So if you are a beginner, you will need any help to get through the game. Upgrading accessories is one way to help you do that.

You can get your accessories from quests and some can also be purchased. It doesn’t matter which method you use to get them; make sure you use opportunities and then level them up for more potential for your Undawn gameplay.

Join daily and weekly events

Daily and weekly events are some of the great methods you can use to earn resources from this game and there will be some limited time supplies, items and more rewards. which you can get there. To own them, you will have to complete certain tasks, which are refreshed daily and weekly.

During the weekly missions, there will also be rewards that you can earn before the time is up. Sometimes there will be some leveling up accessories that you will be given during both the daily and weekly events, so try to get in as you can treat yourself to the best there is.


We want to end the Undawn Guide, Gameplay Walkthrough with Best Tips for the Survival section here. Now it’s your turn to turn it into the most powerful gameplay using all the original instructions. If you are new, we hope that this guide will help you while playing the game.

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