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Dragonheir Silent Gods

Dragonheir Silent Gods Guide – Heroes Development

Dragonheir Silent Gods is a brand new idle-style multiverse exploration RPG on mobile devices. In the game, building a fighting squad is very important for all players. Today, to help you better understand how to develop your squad and reach the top, GameplayPlan will cover how to develop heroes with Dragonheir Silent Gods Guide.

Dragonheir Silent Gods Guide

Heroic attributes

Dragonheir Silent Gods Guide Hero Development
Dragonheir Silent Gods Guide Hero Development

In Dragonheir Silent Gods there are many different hero attributes. You can get this through equipment but if you want to better understand exactly what they are, what they do and whether you should target them or not then you need to consider this knowledge, it is very important.

Gameplayplan will break down each type of hero attribute available to help you better understand this through:

  • HP: stands for Hit Points, this is an indicator of the total amount of health your hero will possess and when that hero receives damage exceeding this limit, they will be defeated.
  • ATK: This index indicates the hero’s attack ability and level of damage. In addition, this stat of skills will have a certain multiplier that will allow you to deal more damage based on the number of attacks your hero has.
  • DEF: Defense stat reduces the amount of damage that incoming abilities will deal, simply increasing your defense, will reduce the damage you deal to your heroes.
  • ATK Interval: ATK Interval is a stat on the cooldown time from attacks, it determines how long each hero takes between their attacks, the lower the time the less your hero will have to wait!
  • Skill Haste: Skill Haste allows your heroes to use their Combat Skills and Ultimate Skills faster.
  • Crit Rate: Crit Rate is an indicator related to the rate at which a hero’s attacks or skills can cause critical damage. Critical damage can deal many times more damage than normal attacks and is amplified by your Crit Damage stat.
  • Crit Damage: If you can land a critical hit, this multiplier will increase your damage significantly, especially if you can stack up enough of it!
  • Enlightenment: This stat talks about some effects that affect Derivative Damage or increase the power of skills. Enlightenment is an effect created by a specific skill, skills that deal with derivative damage will receive a bonus from your Enlightenment stat but will not be able to critically strike.
  • Accuracy: Is the hero’s armor penetration index, explained as a measure against the enemy’s defense index. This stat determines how likely you are to encounter buffs and control effects on your enemies or remove their buffs. The higher this index, the greater the damage caused.
  • Resistance: This stat is the exact opposite of accuracy, the higher your resistance, the more accuracy your enemies will need to knock down effects or control your heroes.

Hero skills

In Dragonheir Silent Gods, each hero has many different types of skills including:

  • Passive skills: Passive skills will activate effects in certain situations and are related to the clan and role of each hero. Therefore, each hero will have a different passive skill.
  • Combat Skills: All heroes have combat skills, which are used automatically based on the recharge mechanism in the game.
  • Ultimate Skills: All hero characters have combat skills, which are reused automatically based on the recharge mechanism in the game. After each skill use, they must wait a period of time before being able to use it again, and the cooldown time of different skills is also different.
  • Aura Skills: Some Heroes possess a special skill that is an aura skill, named Captain Skill, they work on all allies in your team, however, you Only one skill can be enabled at a time, you can choose which Captain Skill you are using in the deployment screen.

To upgrade a hero’s skills, you need to have scrolls which can be used to upgrade the Player Character’s Combat and Ultimate skills and Rare heroes and above, each with a different rarity, requires a different type of roll. When the skill is upgraded, it will be able to cause greater damage and better effects. There may also be a number of other effects attached, which will greatly increase the hero’s effectiveness in battle.

Upgrade heroes

Dragonheir Silent Gods Guide Upgrade Hero
Dragonheir Silent Gods Guide Upgrade Hero

When you want to level up your heroes, you need to have some resources which are Exp potions and money. There are two ways for you to level up your hero.

First way, when you participate in combat and win the encounter, you will receive “Deployed Hero EXP”, which will give the Heroes participating in the battle some EXP to leveling up, this is a passive thing that will happen over time but doesn’t have a big impact and is not important compared to the second method.

The second way is to use the exp attribute. EXP potions are items you can get these by completing quests or fighting in the Goblin Lair Dungeon, which has many stages, each of which helps you earn more and more EXP each time. runs. EXP potions can also be purchased from the in-game store.

EXP potions are the main way to level up your heroes in the late game, as the amount of EXP required from each level increases significantly.
When farming Goblins Lair for EXP potions, you will be rewarded with more potions based on how quickly you can complete your level, of course, this also costs mana, at 10 per run.

In addition to increasing the hero’s level, you can increase their stars. Every time a hero reaches a certain level, you can increase their star level to unlock new powers.

Resources to upgrade hero stars, you must have materials, materials can be obtained from Domain Dungeons, with higher star ratings requiring materials from later stages, and earliest levels only requiring Materials are available from the very first stages.

In Dragonheir’s walkthrough, you’ll encounter all three dungeons of the Elemental Domain.

Increasing your Star Rating will then allow you to progress to higher levels for that Hero, with a maximum level of Level 100, which is Rank 5.

At level 30, the Hero can be upgraded to 2 stars and unlock the Captain Skill (or enhanced specific skill).

At level 50, the Hero can be upgraded to 3 stars and unlock the Artifact slot.

At level 70, the Hero can be upgraded to 4 stars and unlock the Active Rune slot.

At level 90, the Hero can be upgraded to 5 stars and unlock the Negative Rune slot.

Equip Heroes

Dragonheir Silent Gods Guide Equip Heroes
Dragonheir Silent Gods Guide Equip Heroes

Each hero in Dragonheir Silent Gods has 7 equipment slots with 4 Basic slots, 2 Rune slots and 1 Artifact slot, as you can see, these slots will be unlocked later when you upgrade their rank. his hero.

Each of these can be obtained through distinct areas of the game, which will require you to strategize and form teams to deal with encounters.

Basic equipment types

Your Basic Hero Equipment consists of Helmet, Weapon, Clothes and Gloves – and can have various rarities ranging from Common, Rare, Epic and finally – Equipment Legendary!

In these types of equipment, you can gain bonuses by combining 2 items of the same set, this applies to all unique equipment except for common equipment that is commonly used in early stages of the game.

The sets are divided into 3 subsets:

  • Offensive
  • Defense
  • Status control

By exploring the magical world of the Dragon Heir, completing quests, and conquering dungeon challenges such as the Grave of Venom, you’ll collect valuable equipment pieces.

Additionally, you can earn Sand of Forge, allowing you to enhance your gear further when you visit the Forge Seat at your Camp. Embark on this journey, accomplish quests, and equip yourself with the most powerful weapons and armor!


In the game, to unlock artifacts, you need to upgrade the ranking of the Champion to 3 stars. Within the campaign storyline, you will also be rewarded with your first Artifact.

Other types of Artifacts can be found in the Artifact Store within the game. To purchase them, you need to use a special currency, which you earn from having duplicate Champions. When you own a duplicate Champion, you receive a specific currency corresponding to the rarity of that Champion. Over time, you’ll accumulate enough currency to buy Artifacts.

Among these Artifacts, there are Rare, Epic, and Legendary ones, as well as some Exclusive Artifacts that are beneficial only for specific Heroes. Obtaining these items is challenging and requires skill and patience. However, once you acquire them, they significantly enhance the combat abilities of your Heroes.


Runes are unlocked at 4 and 5 star ranks, with 4 stars unlocking your positive rune slot and 5 stars unlocking your negative rune slot.

Runes are earned in the same way as basic equipment – they have their own dungeons (2 total) that drop Runes for specific Elements, for example, Lightning Element heroes must use Lightning Element Runes.


This Dragonheir Silent Gods Guide contains everything you could possibly need to know to level up your hero to face the toughest challenges in Dragonheir: Silent Gods and Gameplayplan hopes it will help you on My journey to become a defeated hero!

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