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Girl Wars Tier List – Best Characters (May 2024)

Girl Wars is a tactical role-playing game with anime graphics and many cute and beautiful female characters. The game is set in a fantasy world where you will fight alongside beautiful heroines to defeat evil and save the world.

You will also be able to recruit many other beautiful characters to form a powerful team. With so many female characters, you may have difficulty finding and choosing a suitable character for your squad. This Girl Wars Tier List guide will help you find the strongest and best characters in the game.

Introducing about Girl Wars

Girls Wars Gameplay
Girls Wars Gameplay

It is a classic turn-based role-playing game. Girl Wars is heavily inspired by the famous game Epic Seven. However, the point that makes this role-playing game famous is the extremely cool appearance of the characters in the game. This will be a game that you need to consider before deciding to play in public and crowded areas.

The scene takes place in an endless space. Here there is a land parallel to the present time and space, a land blessed by gods, and humanity has a peaceful life here. But the demons got the scent of this land, they invaded and devastated the world. You are summoned to this world and must lead famous historical and modern heroines to fight against those demons.

Familiar turn-based gameplay where you can battle up to 5 heroines. Below the battle frame, there will be their icon box with a mana bar and health so players can easily grasp their current condition. When they reach a certain amount of mana, they can unleash extremely powerful moves. In particular, some female heroes will have hidden moves that need players to meet the requirements to use.

Regarding the graphics of Girl Wars, there is no need to discuss the developer’s tolerance and meticulous investment in this game. You will meet hundreds of girls with all different styles such as cute, adorable, seductive…etc. Not only that, this role-playing game also allows players to unlock 16+ event scenes when the player interacts with that character to a certain level of intimacy.

Girl Wars Tier List – All Ranking

Girl Wars Tier List Characters
Girl Wars Tier List Characters

In the world of Girl Wars, you will meet extremely attractive and lovely girls. These people not only possess physical beauty but are also equipped with superpowers, helping you easily cope with all the challenges that appear in each match. Diverse in appearance and special abilities, there are many beautiful girls that you can add to your team. Can you find the most suitable heroes for your strategy?

When playing, you will easily be captivated by the unique plot and dynamic world of Girl Wars and immerse yourself in the story thanks to the ingenious combination of these elements. Each hero character has their own unique set of skills, and powerful, vibrant 2D animations truly highlight their abilities.

In Girl Wars, victory can only be achieved by capturing powerful new characters and using earned resources to upgrade them. This ensures your team always maintains strength, keeps improving, and helps you defeat all opponents in matches.

If you don’t want to waste resources and time upgrading weak characters, it’s important to know the strongest and best characters in the game. This is exactly why we wanted to share this Girl Wars Tier List top character guide with you.

Girl Wars Tier List – Tier S Characters

The Tier S heroes are the most outstanding characters in the world of Girl Wars. They are renowned for their exceptional skills and superior abilities, and if you decide to upgrade any of them, it will be the right choice. With their high basic stats and top-notch skills, they are a reliable source to help you easily secure victories in the game. These characters not only excel in skills but also easily collaborate with allies, bringing powerful and unique abilities to the table.

Zhuge KongmingSSRRanger
Minamoto no YoshitsuneSSRRanger
Uesugi KenshinSSRRanger

Girl War Tier List – Tier A Characters

The characters in Tier A are highly regarded for their excellent basic stats. Although they might not be the best heroes, Tier A characters are still an excellent choice for any lineup. They possess strong damage-dealing abilities and make significant contributions to your team. If you know how to synergize them effectively, they can easily lead your team to victory.

Oda NobunagaSSRWarrior
Sanada YukimuraSSRWarrior
Mori MotonariSSRDefender

Girl Wars Tier List – Tier B Characters

The characters in category B can be considered the weakest, but that doesn’t mean they are entirely worthless. In our game, we use them, and they are indeed a good choice for beginners or those willing to put in some effort to develop. Despite being less powerful, they still possess basic skills.

However, once you acquire stronger heroes, consider replacing the category B characters from your team. Investing in them might not yield the combat strength you expect. Instead, focus on improving and upgrading your stronger heroes.

Sarutobi SasukeSRWarrior
Maeda KeijiSRDefender
Mori RanmaruSRRanger

Who are the best characters in Girl Wars?

In Girl Wars, there are many beautiful, talented, and strong female characters. Therefore, it will be difficult for you to determine who is the strongest character in Girl Wars. Below is information about the strongest characters in the game nominated by us.


Friedrich in Girl Wars
Friedrich in Girl Wars

Friedrich is one of the rare SSR Heroes classified as a Warrior. Her first special skill is Quick Dash with the following effects – “Attack enemy rows, dealing 140% damage; Has a 40% chance to reduce the target’s Fury by 100 each attack; Each skill usage increases damage by 10%, stackable up to 3 times.” Her second active skill, Group Charge, performs as follows – “Attack enemies in the back row, dealing 160% damage; Increase the damage potential of ultimate skill and the chance of penetration by 20% for 3 consecutive rounds.


Siegefried in Girl Wars
Siegefried in Girl Wars

Siegfried is a Defender-type Hero of SSR rarity. Her primary active skill, Spear Lunge, allows her to attack a single target, dealing 140% damage. Additionally, she absorbs 10% of the target’s current Fury and enhances her own Block chance by 20% for 2 rounds. With her second active ability, Furious Flame of Dragon, Siegfried targets an entire enemy queue, dealing 240% damage. Furthermore, she boosts her own damage dealt by 15% and reduces incoming damage by 15% for 2 rounds.

Uesugi Kenshin

Uesugi Keshin in Girl Wars
Uesugi Kenshin in Girl Wars

Uesugi Kenshin is a Hero of SSR rarity and falls under the category of Ranger. Her first active ability, Uesugi Kenshin Dragon Slash, is described as follows: “Attack a single target, dealing 140% damage; if the target is a Stamina type enemy, increase damage dealt by 60%. There is a 20% chance to Seal the target, limiting them to normal attacks and disabling skills during the Seal duration.” Her second active ability, King’s Shadow Slash, functions in the following manner: ‘Attacks all enemies, causing 130% damage; there is a 15% chance to reduce each target’s Fury by 150 points, and a 10% chance to Seal each target.

Minamoto no Yoshitsune

In the realm of this game, Minamoto no Yoshitsune shines as a distinguished SSR rarity heroine. She is affiliated with the flower element and boasts an initial star tier of four stars. This exceptional character possesses a remarkable total of nine skills, with her standout ability being the butterfly skill. This unique skill not only grants a substantial fury boost but also empowers her to unleash both normal and skill attacks seamlessly during battles.

Oda Nobunaga

This character falls under the SSR category, boasting a two-star rarity. In the game, this high-ranking DPS unit plays the role of a formidable warrior. The hero’s elemental affinity aligns with Wind, and their signature move, the Ranged Phoenix skill, grants a specific amount of fury to the hero at the commencement of every round.


So you have received a character ranking and list of the best characters in the Girl Wars Tier List and necessary instructions when starting to get acquainted with the game. Don’t forget to follow us regularly to update the latest tier list information. In addition, in the future, the developer will update more new characters and weapons and this list may change.

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