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Infinity Saga X Tier List – Best Characters (June 2024)

Infinity Saga X is a role-playing game combined with strategic gameplay from developer XQ GAMES. Infinity Saga X brings an innovative and engaging ARPG world with many mythological characters. You will gather them into a team and fight many different monsters. Therefore, you will have difficulty finding the best and strongest characters for your team. This Infinity Saga X Tier List will help you find the strongest characters in the game to recruit to your team.

Introducing Infinity Saga X

Infinity Saga X Game
Infinity Saga X Game

In the last century, the world discovered a mystical crystal with infinite energy. That crystal is called Crypston, wars have broken out over the right to mine Crypston crystal. However, while everyone fought each other, a new dark force emerged and defeated all competitors. Now everyone must work together to fight this new enemy.

In Infinity Saga X, you will embark on a heroic journey where you must combine your strategic skills with mastery of RPG mechanics. Participate in fierce PVP battles in the Arena, where your skills and team composition will be tested to the maximum. Take on challenging Raid missions, teaming up with other players to conquer formidable enemies and claim epic rewards.

The interesting point of Infinity Saga. At the same time, players must upgrade their characters to gain certain advantages before starting future battles. If you don’t develop, the roles of hunter and prey can change in an instant.

Last and equally important is Crypston crystals, activities in the game revolve around competing for Crypston, besides ranking in the rankings also gives players a large amount of Crypston crystals. It is expected that in the future this will be a rare resource that players will have to compete fiercely to obtain.

Infinity Saga X Tier List – All Ranking

In Infinity Saga X, players will begin their legendary journey with the character the game provides. You must recruit heroes to work under you to complete important story missions together, thereby harvesting resources to upgrade your base. When the main storyline reaches a certain level, players will switch to competing for resources and territory with other players.

Players will experience unique combat scenes with beautiful 3D graphics. Character creation is equally attractive, there are more than 50 different characters, and are exclusively designed by professional artists. Each character possesses unique skills and roles, making the game more exciting and thrilling than ever.

Infinity Saga X Tier List
Infinity Saga X Tier List

In Infinity Saga X, the only way for you to win is to recruit powerful new characters and use the resources you earn to upgrade them. This will help your squad stay strong, constantly progress and help you win every battle.

If you don’t want to waste resources and time upgrading weak characters, you need to clearly understand which are the strongest and best characters in the game. That’s why we want to share with you this guide to the best characters in Infinity Saga X Tier List.

In this Infinity Saga X Tier List, we will list all the best heroes in the game and place them into different tiers. Naturally, characters with a higher base rarity will be ranked higher than characters with a lower rarity. We will rank the characters in the game by considering their strength, rarity, and versatility in each battle. The rankings will be divided into 5 different tiers and each tier will have a group of characters appearing in it.

Infinity Saga X Tier List – Tier S Characters

Tier S heroes are the best characters in Infinity Saga X. They possess the most outstanding skills and abilities, and if you decide to upgrade one of them, it will be the right choice . With the highest basic stats and skills, they are reliable to help you easily win the game. These characters not only have excellent skills, but also easily combine with teammates and bring powerful special skills.

Tier S Characters:

  • Athena
  • Don Quixote
  • Jack
  • Lotti
  • Ophelia
  • Robin Hood

Infinity Saga X Tier List – Tier A Characters

Tier A characters are highly regarded for their excellent base stats. Although not the best characters, Tier A heroes are still a great choice for any squad. They possess powerful damage abilities and make a great contribution to your squad. If you know how to combine them properly, they can bring your team to victory easily.

Tier A Characters:

  • Captain Kidd
  • Charlotte
  • Gepetto
  • Odile
  • Hamlet
  • Peleus
  • Sir Drake

Infinity Saga X Tier List – Tier B Characters

Tier B characters are characters that are easily encountered in the game. Although not as prominent as tier A or S, they are still very useful in the early stages of the game. Characters in tier B are often weaker than tiers A and S for many different reasons. This is mainly because they often take on a support role and depend on having enough resources for upgrades. Meanwhile, characters in tier S are solid and reliable choices for your team. They provide a good balance between attack and defense, with reliable skills.

Tier B Characters:

  • Calliope
  • Freyr
  • Nike
  • Titania
  • Tremaine

Infinity Saga X Tier List – Tier C Characters

The strength of tier C characters is only average and is mainly useful in the early stages of the game. While they may not be great in terms of damage output, they are highly valued for their ability to control crowds or support your team. Characters at this level may seem inferior to higher-level characters, however, they can still become very useful in the early stages of the game.

Tier C Characters:

  • Helena
  • Thetis

Infinity Saga X Tier List – Tier D Characters

Characters in rank D may be considered the weakest characters, but we are not saying that they are completely worthless. In our game, they are used and are really a good choice for beginners or those who want to spend a little effort on development. Although they are not strong, they still have basic skills.

However, when you get stronger heroes, you should consider replacing D-rank characters from your team. Investing in them may not bring the fighting power you expect. Instead, focus on improving and upgrading your powerful heroes.

Tier D Characters:

  • Cinderella
  • Pinocchio

Who Are the best characters in Infinity Saga X?

best characters in Infinity Saga X
best characters in Infinity Saga X

Don Quixote

In brief, Don Quixote stands out as the top-tier tank in Infinity Saga X. Their Leader Trait boosts both Physical and Magical DEF for all allies, ensuring their survival on the battlefield. What sets Quixote apart is their exceptional taunt ability called Chivalry, which taunts enemies 25% of the time and provides a sturdy shield. Additionally, Quixote can self-heal every ten seconds, alleviating the burden on your healer.

Don Quixote’s Skill:

  • Leader Trait: Increases all allies’ Physical DEF/Magical DEF by 30%
  • Passive: Inflicts Immunity from status ailments for five seconds
  • Bloodsucking Strike: Deals 100% DMG to enemies in front (MAX 3), and restores HP by 5% of the dealt DMG
  • Chivalry: Taunts nearby enemies for five seconds, and generates a Shield of 200% of ATK


Jack excels as a DPS choice, particularly when it comes to eliminating healers. His Sudden Slash skill allows him to instantly teleport to Priests, dealing substantial damage and applying the Bleeding damage over time effect. Additionally, he grants a heightened Critical Hit Chance and possesses an area-of-effect ability with a reasonable cooldown. This damage-dealing character is adept at wreaking havoc in the enemy’s backline, allowing your team to efficiently handle the remaining foes.

Jack’s Skill:

  • Leader Trait: Increases Critical DMG by 50%
  • Passive: Increases Crit Chance by 3%
  • Feint: Deals 100% DMG to enemies in front (MAX 3)
  • Sudden Slash: After teleporting to an enemy, deals 240% DMG and inflicts Bleeding for 3 seconds with 100% chance (Priest first)


When it comes to formidable backline ravagers, as Jack is engrossed in dismantling the Priest, Lotti focuses on the DPS. Her skill, Bloody Claw, unleashes massive damage, inflicting bleeding and specifically targeting Magic users. What makes her truly fearsome is her passive ability, enhancing her damage output by 30% when the enemy’s HP drops below 15%. Additionally, Lotti possesses a respectable area-of-effect attack, effectively immobilizing the entire opposing team.

Lotti’s Skill:

  • Leader Trait: Increases DMG by 30% when attacking an enemy with a status ailment
  • Passive: Increases DMG by 30% when attacking an enemy whose HP is 15% or lower
  • Pandemonium: Deals 100% DMG to enemies in front (MAX 3)
  • Bloody Claw: Deals 240% DMG and inflicts Bleeding for 3 seconds with 100% chance (Magic types first)


Ophelia possesses unmatched healing skills within the game, ensuring your allies’ HP stays replenished during critical moments. However, her abilities have considerable cooldown periods. To compensate for this, consider teaming her up with Titania, whose healing abilities, although not as potent as Ophelia’s, have shorter cooldowns, allowing for more frequent use.

Ophelia’s Skill:

  • Leader Trait: Increases maximum HP by 10%
  • Passive: Increases HP by 3%
  • Pandemonium: Heal all allies’ HP by 100% of ATK
  • Bloody Claw: Restores 2% of maximum HP to the ally with the lowest HP

Robin Hood

Robin Hood stands out as an exceptional damage dealer, particularly when it comes to targeting individual opponents, making him a formidable force against bosses, especially when paired with Lotti. Moreover, he efficiently dispatches enemies even when faced with groups, showcasing his versatility on the battlefield.

Robin Hood’s Skill:

  • Leader Trait: Increases Critical DMG by 50%
  • Passive: Deals 5% additional DMG, on attacking enemies whose HP is 30% or lower
  • Arrow of Blood: Deals 240% DMG to an enemy, and inflicts Bleed for 3 seconds with 100% chance
  • Silent Bow: Deals 300% DMG to an enemy


Finally, there is Athena, essentially a melee counterpart to Lotti. She specializes in eliminating Magic types, equipped with teleportation skills and passive abilities specifically designed for this purpose. Her Vital Slash move can obliterate bosses, dealing an astonishing 300% damage every ten seconds.

Athena’s Skill:

  • Leader Trait: Increases Physical type’s ATK by 15%
  • Passive: Deals 10% additional DMG to Magic-type enemies
  • Goddess’s Power: Teleports to an enemy and deals 300% DMG (targets Magic types first)
  • Bloody Claw: Deals 260% DMG and inflicts additional DMG by 30% if the receiver HP is 30% or lower


So you have received a character ranking and list of the best characters in Infinity Saga X Tier List and necessary instructions when starting to get acquainted with the game. Don’t forget to follow us regularly to update the latest tier list information. In addition, in the future, the developer will update more new characters and weapons and this list may change.

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