[NEW] SOULS Codes (Update February 2024)

SOULS is an epic world exploration adventure role-playing game, newly launched globally by developer Habby. In the game, you will become a hero with the task of saving the world from the domination of hostile forces. Explore the world to see what hidden surprises await you on your journey to save the world.

In addition to experiencing exciting battles, you also have the opportunity to receive many attractive gifts from publisher Habby. In it, it is impossible not to mention SOULS Codes with many valuable and useful rewards. In this article, GamePlayPlan will summarize for you all active SOULS Codes and show you how to redeem codes and how to receive more SOULS gift code.

Summary about SOULS

Developer byHabby
Game genreRole Playing
Compatible withAndroid 6.0 and up, iOS 9.0 or later
Get it onDownload
Summary about SOULS

Information about SOULS Habby


SOULS Habby is a combination of RPG, action and adventure. The game is set in an ancient fantasy world. The power of darkness reigns supreme in this vast land. You must create a powerful group of heroes and journey around the world to fight and defeat the darkness.

A mystical world of exquisite beauty created by the “SOULS”, where you can fully immerse yourself in the great adventure with great heroes. You will be captivated by the rich images and stunning landscapes. A whole new world, graphically designed to let you fully immerse yourself in this epic adventure.

Your mission to save the world will begin with battles with enemies. The tile-based SOULS combat system requires strategic thinking as you use a variety of heroes and skills to defeat different enemies. Finding the right squad and making the best use of available resources will be the key to victory.

Use a variety of heroes and skills to unleash your full potential to defeat different enemies. Try your best formation in this tile-based battle. Go save the world! Explore the world to see what hidden surprises await you on your journey to save the world.

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List of SOULS Codes (February 2024)

You are looking for the latest SOULS Codes in exchange for many valuable and useful rewards for your adventure journey. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. You can collect SOULS gift codes and redeem them for exciting in-game rewards.

To save you time searching for SOULS Codes, GamePlayPlan has compiled all the active codes in this list. With these codes, upgrading your character will become simpler than ever. Below is a list of SOULS Codes of (February 2024) compiled by GamePlayPlan:

  • survivorsouls : Redeem gift code for rewards
  • archerosouls : Redeem gift code for rewards
  • snakersouls : Redeem gift code for rewards
  • GIFT4SOULSPLAY : Redeem gift code for rewards
  • LEVELUPSOULS : Redeem gift code for rewards
  • SOULS2023 : Redeem gift code for rewards

With SOULS Codes, you can redeem gems, gold, magic stones, free chests, and other exclusive in-game rewards. SOULS Gift Codes give you lots of fun rewards that you can use to upgrade your character and more in the game. From there, you can progress faster and compete with other players.

However, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind that these codes will have a certain expiry date. If you don’t want to miss the chance to get these rewards, you should quickly log into the game and enter SOULS Codes into the game’s redemption center immediately.

What are SOULS Codes?

SOULS Gift Code
SOULS Gift Code

If you are a lover of adventure role-playing games, you will certainly be no stranger to the concept of SOULS Codes. However, if you are a new player or know SOULS for the first time, you may find these gift codes very new. To better understand what SOULS Codes are, follow the following concept.

Basically, SOULS Codes are just codes, character segments that are gathered by many different characters. These codes can include letters and numbers. SOULS Codes are created by game developers for all players to enter into the game’s redemption center and get free and valuable rewards.

SOULS Codes have a case-sensitive distinction, so when entering them in the center of the game, you should enter them with the exact same spelling as in our list. Or you can also copy the codes and paste them in the “enter code” section to avoid typos. If you enter any wrong characters, you will not be able to redeem the reward.

The reward details of SOULS Codes will be detailed by us in the back of the codes. You can see what SOULS Codes will redeem for in-game rewards. However, you will not be able to know how long their shelf life is. Therefore, you should quickly log into the game and redeem SOULS Codes as soon as you receive these codes.

How to redeem code in SOULS?

Unfortunately, SOULS will not have an in-game redemption center. So to redeem from a gift code, you must visit a redemption site. To redeem the code in SOULS, you can do it with the following simple steps.

Step 1: Visit SOULS’s official redemption website:

Step 2: Open the game “SOULS” on your phone and copy your user ID from the profile area.

Step 3: Paste that ID code into the “Enter your Game ID here” section.

Step 4: Enter the SOULS Code we provided above in the “Enter Rewards Code here” field.

Step 5: Enter the verification code that appears on the image and then click the “Redeem” button.

How to redeem code in Souls
How to redeem code in Souls

The reward will be sent to your mailbox in the game. To receive, you just need to go to the mailbox and click receive the reward. If there are any codes that are not working or have expired, please let us know in the comments section below. We will remove it from the list, check back later for the new code!

How to get more SOULS Codes?

Developer Habby regularly publishes gift codes that all players can use to get some free rewards. It will make your journey smoother and easier from the start. Typically, these gift codes will be made available through the game’s social media pages on platforms such as Twitter, Discord, Facebook, and Instagram.

You can visit SOULS:

  • Facebook:
  • Website:
  • Instagram:

The best way for you to get new SOULS Codes the fastest is to follow GamePlayPlan and visit this article regularly. Because we will update the list of SOULS Codes in this article every time a new code is released. In addition, you can also receive more gift codes of other games on GamePlayPlan.

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So you’ve got all the SOULS Codes that are working for (February 2024), along with our guide on how to redeem and how to get more SOULS Codes. In general, with SOULS Codes, you can redeem a lot of rewards to advance quickly in the game. Remember to use these codes as soon as possible before they expire.


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